Book Review: Spice & Wolf Volume 2

What a week, huh? If you thought that people like me had things easy, you would be dead wrong, because I planned to complete the three remaining titles from my Amazon order a bit quicker than this, but other people ended up being a bother. Fortunately, things did not hold me back too much, and […]

Book Review: Spice & Wolf Volume 1

I hope that everyone is doing well, now that many are back to the daily grind of work and school. Things have been going pretty well, especially since I have been getting through my recent purchases at a fairly decent rate. Earlier in the month, I placed an ordered with Amazon for eight books that […]

Anime Review: Spice & Wolf 2

As promised, although later than I was planning, here is another post. Awhile back, I got a DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack from Best Buy. I don’t really get all this excitement over the BD format, since everything is essentially going digital now. For right now, I view it only as a useful backup medium. However, today’s […]

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