Story Excerpt 2

I hope everyone is doing well, especially those living in area that tend to experience extreme heat, since we are roughly a month or so away before summer officially starts in the Northern Hemisphere. As for those in the Southern Hemisphere, I sometimes wish I could be there right now, if not a place in […]

New Story Excerpt

It certainly has been a while, huh? Well, I kind of ran low on funds quickly last month and nothing really caught my eye in the anime scene right now, at least that I would want to cover, so I have just been waiting on titles I ordered a while back. In the mean time, […]

Beware of Optimism

In my last post, I made mention that I have pretty much neglected one of the topics. Of course, that was because topics do not always come to my mind that interest me so much, or are important to think about in any kind of perspective that I can give for one reason another. However, […]

Why Personal Blogs Fail

I would like to apologize to everyone who had troubles accessing my blog today. I was tweaking my theme so that link addresses would get print, when people print the posts from the blog. I deleted the wrong thing, when pushing the changes to the server that would render the internal links here as absolutes. […]

Beware of Burnout

This week, I was able to pull some posts from the Written Adventure blog. I will post a few, if they have relevance to the topics I cover on this blog. As such, today, I will be reposting, with minor modifications, if any, a post on the subject of burnout. This was originally posted on […]

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