Tumblr for Socialink Habari Plugin

Now that I mostly completed my plugin, I do not really think that there is much else at this time. Still, that does not mean I cannot improve other things.

For quite a while, I have been using Socialink, which is a nice plugin. However, there were improvements that could certainly have been made, mainly other service choices. Wanting to have an easier way to share with Tumblr, I modified the socialink plugin to add support for the service.

Looking around for data, I found this page from Tumblr that reveals what one usually needs. However, they seem to have a bit too much code.

All that is needed to add support for Tumblr to Habari is a web address and the web address of the necessary JavaScript, both of which Tumblr was nice enough to reveal.

With that information, I just added Tumblr to the array that contain services and added in the JavaScript URL.

However, not everyone is going to want to code this stuff in him or herself, so I am going to follow Stuchl4n3k.Net’s example and make this easy on you all.

How to Add Tumblr Support

The steps to adding Tumblr support, at least the easy way, is no different from Stuchl4n3k’s instructions for adding Google+ support.

  1. Download original plugin
  2. Download modified plugin script (this is based on Stuchl4n3k’s script, so Google+ support is also present)
  3. Replace original socialink.plugin.php with modified script
  4. Install and configure plugin to add Tumblr sharing

The only real problem is that there may not be an image available to use with the share link. However, this can be remedied by finding or making an image that is suitable. I recommend using an image that is 16×16, so it does not have to be scaled by the browser. The image itself must be located in the /path/to/socialink/img/icon/ and be named tumblr.png.

And with that, one can now finally share their favorite posts with Tumblr.

I would like to thank Stuchl4n3k.Net for making it easy to figure out how to add Tumblr’s JavaScript and ayunyan for making this plugin.

What do you think of this modification? Do you think that this is a good addition? Have any images that people can use for a Tumblr share button? Feel free to comment.

Copyright © 2013 Bryce Campbell. All Rights Reserved.