Book Review: The Necromancer’s Couple


Things were getting late, when I read the piece that is being reviewed today. The title of the work this time is The Necromancer’s Couple by Mortimer Jackson, sequel to The Necromancer’s Great Adventure.

You suggested not to read The Necromancer’s Great Adventure. Why are you reviewing this title? I usually give people the benefit of the doubt and sample more than one work from that particular writer. If they do not impress me, the person might be able to better themselves in the next work or piece. People will usually get better with practice.

What is this title about? Sebastian Grimm is back doing what he does best, which is helping people, living or dead. However, this time, he is not in the middle of an investigation. He now has to marry two people who died before they could ever have done so in life.

What did you like about it? I pretty much enjoyed it all and it was a quick read with less than 2000 words. Things were not so confusing in this work, like they were in Jackson’s other work. Less confusion makes a better story.

What did you not like? There was not a whole lot to dislike about this piece. I did not like how I could not picture anything, much like a lot of the previous work I reviewed. The author makes it well-known through the work that one should be familiar with the previous. When I was still in school, I learned that writers should write stuff so they are not completely dependent on works that came before or assume that everybody sees the same things the writer sees. The fact that there is no detail to be able to draw a picture in one’s mind takes the piece down, but does not take away from the enjoyment.

If you went against my suggestion on The Necromancer’s Great Adventure, I would recommend you read this piece. Otherwise, skip it, even though the grammar was decent and there was no confusion, unlike the previous piece.

What’s your opinion on my review? Feel free to comment.

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