Book Review: Case Closed Volume 60

I hope that everyone’s week is still going well. Aside from thinking of possibly taking a break from covering the books I got from Amazon, so I do not get burnt out and can get work in more on my new story that I plan to release, things have been going relatively well. As a […]

Book Review: Case Closed Volume 59

Man, it has certainly been a long time, huh? As many have noticed, I have been mainly focusing on the two simulcasts that I decided to pick up this season, have not really touched some books in while, especially since there were some new releases of series that I have been following for a while. […]

Book Review: Case Closed Volume 58

Well, this is a surprise, huh? A few months back, I preordered some books from Barnes & Noble that I originally expected to be here earlier, due to usual patterns, but Barnes & Noble recently estimated a July delivery for my order. However, I recently received tracking numbers for two of the books that composed […]

Book Review: Case Closed Volume 57

This seems to be very surprising, huh? Recently, I ordered four books from Barnes & Noble and expected them to arrive some time in the coming week. However, all four of them shipped earlier than expected and I received three of the four I ordered, one of which was not supposed to be out until […]

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