Book Review: Pandora Hearts Volume 22

Well, it looks like things are going pretty smoothly, huh? After finishing up with what I got before Christmas, I continued on with the things I got for Christmas, starting with one of the four books in print format that I got, which now leaves only three. Today, I will be reviewing another one of […]

Book Review: Pandora Hearts Volume 21

Well, this is somewhat surprising. I recently got three books from Barnes & Noble, and in case nobody got the memo in my review of D.N.Angel Volume 5, one of the series that I actively follow is coming to an end soon in its home country, and even here, since Barnes & Noble states that […]

Book Review: Crimson-Shell

Well, today was kind of frustrating. I got another ebook from Barnes & Noble and I had troubles downloading it, since Barnes & Noble was not smart enough to realize that all ebooks should be downloadable from a computer and/or mobile device. Fortunately, I resolved my issue quickly and was able to read it just […]

Book Review: Pandora Hearts Volume 20

Well, this is surprising. Except for the time when I ordered the books through a local store, I usually get all the books I order from Barnes & Noble in one package. Unfortunately, there was a delay on one of the titles, so I received only three of the four books I had ordered. Today, […]

Anime Review: Pandora Hearts

There is always a first time for everything, huh? Throughout the years of running this blog, even before I got a domain name, I have mainly been focusing on anime that has been dubbed and the only anime that I covered in the sub format were simulcasts (e.g. Another in 2012, which was when the […]

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