Recently, I came up on an article that brought up something interesting, yet a very widespread belief by some viewers on YouTube. Many people in the writing industry think that by being published means that they are a good writer. I have known otherwise for a while and there are even other blog articles on […]

Do not Start a Story with a Summary

Well, I finally made it back home from San Diego on Saturday. Unfortunately, my party was just lounging around. Today, there will be another blast from the past of the defunct Written Adventure blog. You’ll have to look for the original somewhere on Tumblr, which is where all of those old posts can be found. […]


A while back, on the Written Adventure blog, which I used to run for college and is now defuncted, I wrote a post on why perfectionism in writing, or anything for that matter, is not good. It is available somewhere on Tumblr. They were going to be moved over here, unfortunately I could not load […]

Take Advantage of Promotional Offers

Well, I hope all of you had a good 4th of July. I was out-of-town on a trip and was thinking of making a post during the trip, which I did not. I at least did not forget about this blog, huh? Well, today, I thought that I would talk about something to help gain […]

Character Profiles

When I started publishing my stories, I did not know the importance or usefulness of creating character profiles. Most characters were created on the fly, so mistakes were possible. Starting with my sixth book, I decided to do things differently. Whether or not it will work out, can only be seen once it is in […]

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