Book Review: Yona of the Dawn Volume 4

I hope that everyone is doing well, and enjoying their week so far. As most of you know, I have been waiting on my preorders from Amazon to arrive, and have been covering a series that I got from there recently, but another one of the titles that I preordered from Amazon recently arrived, so, […]

Book Review: Yona of the Dawn Volume 3

I hope that everyone has been enjoying the holidays, no matter what you celebrated, Things were quite interesting this year, with a few surprises in the mix, because I got a gift of some Amazon credit from somebody I did not expect, as people not related to me by blood usually do not give me […]

Book Review: Yona of the Dawn Volume 2

Well, this is kind of surprising, huh? There are probably some of you wondering why I have not gotten around to reviewing the two shows that finished their run at the end of last month, and I was planning on working on my new story, which is nearing its end, so that has taken a […]

Book Review: Yona of the Dawn Volume 1

I hope everyone is having a good weekend, especially because the daily grind can get frustrating. I would have normally been continuing to cover the final four episodes of the simulcasts I decided to follow, but because, as I said in my last post, I got some new books and Crunchyroll does not have the […]

Anime Review: Yona of the Dawn

I hope that everyone is doing well. Earlier in month, I got a show from iTunes, and I was not sure when I could get around to watching it and relax, instead of just testing files downloaded from there, especially because iTunes keeps needing to be authorized for some reason. Fortunately, I was recently able […]

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