Anime Review: A Certain Magical Index, The Movie: The Miracle of Endymion

January 23, 2015


Man, things have been frustrating.

I have been trying to figure out how to implement a feature in an app that I maintain, because I finally got what was necessary to do so late last year, but things are not working out so well.

Fortunately, there are a few things that I have been meaning to get to, including the last of the four books I got in print.

However, my list of things keeps growing, so I am going to take a break from the books and cover another movie that I found on iTunes.

Today, I am going to do just that by reviewing the movie, which is called A Certain Magical Index, The Movie: The Miracle of Endymion.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


Three years after an accident where almost everyone on board a plane survived, Touma and Index get a chance to meet a popular singer who has no memories beyond three years ago and Touma decides to let her stay with him.

However, his somewhat peaceful world, with a few bouts dealing with magic, begins to be interrupted because of the choice and he and everyone else he has met gets wrapped up in a incident that may result in the deaths of millions, should they fail to prevent it from happening.

As many should know from my reviews of the second season and first novel, I am not too fond of the Magical Index portion of the Raildex universe, and I still disagree with the claims that it is the superior series, though the novel was a bit better than the Magical Index anime adaptations.

Unfortunately, I cannot entirely stop following the Index portion because there are those rare occasions where some things are not really explain in the Railgun series, such as why Kuroko is in a wheelchair during the Daihasei Festival arc, which is currently the weakest of the arcs in the Railgun manga, unless volume 10 changes that.


On the bright side, I kind of liked this movie.

While Touma is the one that is being followed for much of the series, as per the usual, I actually felt like I cared about what was going on.

If I had to say why this was, I think it was because the story focused on the new characters that make an appearance and their struggles and it delved into why it was affecting those characters. This is actually an improvement over the experiences that I have had with the Magical Index series anime adaptations.

In those adaptations, as I stated in my review of A Certain Magical Index II, I had difficulties caring about what happened because I never really understood what the characters were going through.

For example, The Tree Diagram Remnant arc, one of the only decent arcs of the Magical Index anime, I could not really understand Kuroko’s troubles because I practically had no idea why Misaka was involved or even what the nightmare was that Awaki mentioned all because I never really understood why Misaka why felt the way she did in the Index version of the Sisters arc.

True, this is clarified in the Railgun series, and maybe it would make more sense in the third novel, like the bridge scene from beginning of the first season of the Index anime made a bit more sense in the first novel, but seeing as Magical Index is the parent series, I should not need to rely on a spinoff to explain things.

Thankfully, this movie did not have problems in that area, at least with two of the new characters.

Another thing that I liked were the funny scenes, but aside from the usual comedy found in either the Magical Index or Railgun portions of the Raildex universe, nothing really stood out to me like the interactions between Misaka 10032 and Last Order from A Certain Magical Index II and the interactions between Mikoto Misaka and Misaka 9982 in A Certain Scientific Railgun did.

The thing that I liked the most though was that Touma’s usual chastising actually had feeling.

Aside from the overuse of his right hand to win fights, when he actually has full use of his body, the thing that really bugs me about Touma is that he just says something, as if that would cause the person he is confronting to change their ways or way of thinking, but I could not really feel the impact of those words at any moment.

If I had to say why, I think it is because, like I said before, things seemed to make much more sense in this movie than things usually do. In fact, it seems similar to my experience with the Railgun version of the Sisters arc, where Accelerator’s change of heart towards the Misaka clones was much more obvious and Touma’s confrontation with Misaka prior to fighting Accelerator actually had feeling there too.

Really, A Certain Magical Index could be a great series if things were handled the way they were in this movie.

The fact that the things were explained better in this movie, thereby making me actually care about what is going on and making Touma’s speeches more impactful, made this movie pretty decent.


Although I did like the movie, there are still some issues. However, aside from the fact that it does not change the fact that the whole series feels like it is an Adventures of Touma and Friends show, there is only one thing that bugs me.

While things are better explained than usual, there are still a few things that either are not explained or do not make sense.

For example, I do not really understand why the cast of the Railgun series was involved, even though I think they are all better than the main protagonist of A Certain Magical Index.

During the course of the movie, Misaka and her friends go to one of Arisa’s performances and end up in situation in which people should have died, and in the next moment, Misaka and Kuroko are backing up Anti-Skill.

Now, Judgment and Anti-skill aiding each other is not far-fetched, because I thought that the first novel said that Judgment does assist them, though I cannot find exactly where and the fact that Yen Press made the release print only makes it harder to search on my own, but that is not really a good reason for Misaka to become involved.

Then again, Misaka does tend to stick her nose into things, like how she got in involved in the Level Upper arc and the money card incident that led to her investigating the Level 6 Shift project and attempting to stop it, so I guess I cannot be too mad about the Railgun cast being involved.

In addition to the involvement of the Railgun cast, even other characters from the Magical Index portion of the Raildex get involved for reasons unknown.

Yes, Tsuchimikado is involved because he deals with both matters in Academy City and the magical world, but the characters that seem to become involved for no reason at all include Accelerator, who makes a way better protagonist than Touma ever could, seeing as his troubles with Hound Dog was one of the only good things about A Certain Magical Index II, and the Misaka clones.

Since this movie is supposed to take place a little after the events of Index’s and Railgun’s Daihasei Festival arc, due to the fact that Mitsuko Kongo talks about the three-legged race that occurs in volume 7 of the Railgun manga, and there are no hints of the same kind of war that the end of A Certain Magical Index II gave off, there should be no reason for Accelerator to become involved only moments after Tushimikado said that he might be able to do something.

As for the clones, they practically do nothing for much of the movie, so they should not have even appeared. After all, Touma did a whole lot more to resolve the incident than the clones ever did.

Honestly, this is reminding me of how the Silent Party arc of A Certain Scientific Railgun S ended, because, as I stated in my review of the last episode of that show, I did not even know why ITEM showed up at the final battle with STUDY.

Fortunately, Accelerator did not say anything like Mugino did about STUDY copying her ability, but that still does not change the fact that his appearance made as little sense as ITEM’s appearance during the fight against STUDY.

From how the movie went up until this point, I was expecting better, but it looks like the movie, like the Index anime, cannot completely live up to quality that the fans of A Certain Magical Index think exists, and probably does not exist until the point in the light novels where Touma does become an interesting character, which will not come to where I live for quite some time.

While, most of the movie is pretty decent, the fact that there are things that do go unexplained, such as the involvement of Accelerator and the Misaka clones, kind of hurt an otherwise decent movie.

Despite the fact that there are some things that are not really explained, the fact that it actually does a few things better than what I have come to expect from the series makes it good enough to kill some time.

I recommend this to people who actually want to see something that is somewhat decent from the Index portion of the Raildex universe, and fans of A Certain Magical Index.

As for everyone else, seeing as there were things that kept this from being the best thing I ever saw, it can skipped without repercussions because it does not really have any relevance to either Magical Index or Railgun, but it is not bad enough that it should be avoided at all costs.

What are your thoughts on A Certain Magical Index, The Movie: The Miracle of Endymion? Did you like it or hate it? If you liked it, do you hate the anime series as much as I do, or were you always a fan of the series? If you hated it, were you a fan of the anime series before watching this? Was there anything you liked or hated that went unmentioned? Feel free to comment.

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