Anime Review: A Certain Scientific Railgun S Episode 19

August 25, 2013


This certainly makes a good day. After some bit of annoyances, not related to FUNimation, I can at least sit back and continue of with the Railgun simulcast. Today, I will be reviewing A Certain Scientific Railgun S episode 19.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


After introducing themselves to Febri, Misaka and the gang try to find out more about her, in order to get her back to where she belongs.

However, there seem to be others looking for Febri and they do seem not care whether or not they create a scene to get her.


I enjoyed this episode. Things really seemed like they were heating up. Since this is supposedly the final arc of the Railgun S anime, I would not really expect anything less. After all, the Sisters arc lasted for quite a while, much more so that the Level Upper arc, which I finally got around to reading. Still, it did not seem like everything had occurred too quickly, since I did felt like things were still mostly at peace. If we had jumped right into the action, I doubt that I would have liked it, because there does need to be some kind of break. After all, in series like Detective Conan, there is not really any break before the next case comes up. This can certainly cause things to become dull because after so much time the audience really is not surprised to have yet another for the protagonists to solve. Then again, that show does fall into the crime fiction genre, so it makes sense that that series puts characters in numerous cases back to back. Railgun, however, seems to ease into things. Seeing that was the feeling that I got here, it looks like the anime is being handled quite well. I also liked seeing the interactions between Febri and Misaka and friends, which did also provided quite a few laughs. Normally, Misaka seems to get along great children, but for some reason, Febri was scared of her, going so far as to say everyone else's name and not mentioning Misaka's name. I guess Misaka might not be as good with kids as was originally presented. On the other hand, I cannot say that for sure because we were just introduced to Febri in the previous episode. What has caught my interest though is why STUDY, the group introduced in the previous episode alongside Febri, are interested in Febri. AstroNerdBoy could be right that she is tied to STUDY, but I think there is something special about her. Besides, there is no reason to go after an ordinary child. This makes me want to find out more about her, especially since we saw her near the area where ITEM was doing a job. Outside of that, I cannot really think of anything else that I really liked. The fact that Misaka's troubles with Febri did mke things funny, as well as the fact there seems to be a lot mystery surrounding Febri, made this episode pretty interesting.


Although I liked the episode, there are certainly some issues. However, there are only two things, though they are both about one, really bugged me. For some reason, Anti-Skill, the so-called police force of Academy City, has only one person in charge. When Misaka and the gang tries to decide what to do with Febri, they say that they cannot contact the person in charge of Anti-Skill. If they were a real police force, there would have to be multiple people in charge, due the fact that they would be working a 24-hour per day per week operation and nobody can stay up to cover that kind of schedule. In fact, in the Railgun manga, it does look like there are others with authority in Anti-Skill that could do something about their situation. Another thing that annoys me, and related to the first, which was originally brought up by AstroNerdBoy in his review, is that it appears that Anti-Skill closes. Considering that Yomikawa and Tsuzuri went around enforcing curfew in the first season, I do not see how they could do anything about students being out late if the department was closed. Again, being the equivalent of the police force in Academy City, the department must be open 24-hours per day per week. That is the only way that they can deal with all of their responsibilities. Then again, considering that Misaka seemed to get away with being out of late, with only the dorm supervisor, according to what Kuroko told Misaka and the supervisor's initial reaction in episode 17, having noticed, I doubt that Anti-Skill is patrolling as much as they should. Taking into account what AstroNerdBoy stated in his review, I would have to agree that this is an issue with the writers. Seeing as Anti-Skill is meant to be the police of Academy City, yet are not as active as a police agency, ruined the enjoyment a bit.

Despite the fact that Anti-Skill does not seem to be run like it should be, the mysteries that crop up and decent pacing made this worth watching. I only recommend this to fans of A Certain Scientific Railgun.

What are your thoughts on A Certain Scientific Railgun S episode 19? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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