Anime Review: A Certain Scientific Railgun S Episode 22

September 15, 2013


Well, things seem to be going pretty well. Things are coming to a close in more than one way, which will definitely free up some space for other things.

Fortunately, the Railgun simulcast is continuing for a few weeks and I can still cover it. Today, I will be reviewing A Certain Scientific Railgun S episode 22.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


Having got the chance to meet with an old enemy, Misaka finds out more about the people who created Febri and decides to hunt down the recipe used to handle Febri's ailment.

However, even with the help of allies, obtaining the information may not be so easy.


I kind of liked this episode. I was a bit surprised that Therestina knew about the Misaka clones. After all, I do not think that Therestina had any involvement with the Level 6 Shift project. Then again, Kiyama did mention in volume 3 of the Railgun manga that the Level Upper was created from information on Misaka, which made me think that she knew about the Misaka clones, and also suggests that the scientists in Academy City do know about each other's experiments. After all, with what is going on right now in the Railgun manga, Gensei knows about the Misaka clones too. Still, I am not too sure that anybody outside those researching how an esper can achieve level 6, which is what each of the three scientists were involved with. I also liked how Misaka and ITEM ended up being in the same location again. Because of the fact that they were once enemies during the Sister Arc, which started in episode 2 and manga volume 4 and ended in episode 16 and manga volume 7 respectively, I was laughing a bit by how Takitsubo kept looking towards Misaka's location. At same time, I was wondering if Misaka was going to fight ITEM again or if she was going to have ITEM help her. It would probably be exciting either way, considering how good the fights between Misaka and ITEM were in the Sisters Arc. I also wonder how Nunotaba got involved with STUDY, whose name got confirmed in this episode. Seeing how her views of the Misaka clones changed in the Sisters Arc, I did not really think that she joined STUDY of her own will, especially since she told Misaka that Febri knew her name because Nunotaba wanted Misaka to help her. Speaking of Nunotaba, I liked how she did not just sit back and watch things. Again, with how much we get to know about her in the Sisters Arc, I would have been mad if she did not do anything. After all, if she did sit back and relax, Nunotaba would have become the very thing that we thought she had come to hate during the events of the Sisters Arc. The thing that I liked most about this episode though is that Kuroko told Misaka, when she was wondering if Kuroko and the others would be good friends with her if she was not a level 5 esper, that her power ranking is not the reason that she likes Misaka. While she does try to make an advance on Misaka by groping her chest, I liked how she tried to cheer her up. This is the side of Kuroko that needs to be shown more than her obsession with Misaka. If that was how things were in both Railgun anime, I would like her character more than I do right now. Of course, if Misaka's status was the reason they were friends, I would have to say that they would be as horrible as the kind of men who go out only seeking women that have good looking bodies and such so-called friends should be left to rot. Outside of that, I cannot think of anything else that I particularly liked. The fact that seeing ITEM in Misaka in the same place again was funny and that it seemed more clear that Nunotaba did not join STUDY of her own free will did make things enjoyable.


Although I did like the episode, there are certainly some issues. First, Therestina wonders how Misaka felt getting immersed in the depths of the darkness within Academy City. The way she said made me think that she was saying that the Level 6 Shift project was as dark as it got, though that was not what she said explicitly. After all, in A Certain Magical Index II, which was a bit better than the first Magical Index anime, though not enough to change my opinion of the series, Heaven Canceller did tell Accelerator that he saw things that are far worse than what Accelerator has experienced. Because of this fact, things have to be something going on that is much worse. Not only must there be something worse than the Level 6 Shift project, but since Therestina is supposed to have connections, she must know that Misaka has not experienced all of the darkest secrets of Academy City. Another thing that I did not like was that Misaka seemed to be stupid in this episode. She took in pretty much every possibility that she could come across when she raided various facilities in the Sisters Arc, yet here, when she reunites with Nunotaba, she expected Aritomi to keep his word and give the recipe required to save Febri. Yes, she did not know that the place she entered was a decoy, but she knew that Aritomi was very intelligent due to the research Uiharu did when Misaka got back from her meeting with Therestina. Of course, Nunotaba, who is a high schooler, is just as dumb, because she listened to Misaka and gave into Aritomi's demands. Besides, she was involved in Radio Noise and Level 6 Shift, so she should have seen this outcome as a possibility. Other than that, nothing else seems to come to mind. While Nunotaba and Misaka seemed a bit stupid and Therestina made me think that the Sisters Arc was the worse thing Academy City was hiding, it was not enough to ruin my enjoyment.

Despite my annoyances with Nunotaba and Misaka, the episode was still interesting enough to be definitely worth watching. I only recommend this to fans of A Certain Scientific Railgun.

What are your thoughts on A Certain Scientific Railgun S episode 22? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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