Anime Review: Boku Dake ga Inai Machi Episode 3

January 22, 2016


Looks like I am kind of late on this one, huh?

However, I did not really promise to cover any simulcasts right on the day it is available for streaming. I only decided to cover the simulcast on a weekly basis, and I was busy yesterday getting things ready for a change that is going to occur in the future.

For now, I am just glad that I do not need to stop watching the simulcast.

Today I will be reviewing another episode from the simulcast, which is Boku Dake ga Inai Machi episode 3.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


Satoru's time in the past continues on, as he is trying to learn about about Hinadzuki and going through his memories of what occurred in the case from 18 years ago.

However, when Satoru finds Hinadzuki in a terrible state, he may have unknowingly come into contact with his first major suspect in the case.


I kind of liked this episode.

Things between Satoru and Hinadzuki seemed to be progressing to the point where I honestly thought that it would have developed into a serious relationship, and I have noticed that there are probably many people that want them to be in such a relationship, due to how well they mesh together.

On the other hand, I will have to say that anybody hoping that Satoru and Hinadzuki gets together once the criminal get captured that they should not get their hopes up because childhood crushes do not always last and it is still unknown how long A-1 Pictures will keep Satoru in the past, though I do know who Hinadzuki will end up with once Satoru somewhat returns to the present.

Still, even I, who have read the manga before it got an anime adaptation, can enjoy how Satoru and Hinadzuki's seems to be progressing quite naturally, seeing how many people, young and old, these days try and make people tie the knot before the two are absolutely sure that they are a right fit.

After all, I would not really want to marry a woman that I was not sure whether she would stab me in back or not and take advantage of one of those false assumptions based on unreliable statistics, though I do have to acknowledge that there is no way to be 100% safe in a relationship, much like how a computer is only safe when it is not connected to a network, regardless of the network's size.

I also liked how the abuse of Hinadzuki was handled.

For example, when Satoru found a beaten and battered Hinadzuki, Hinadzuki tried to push Satoru away and even said that the injuries that she sustained were from falling down, when they were blatantly not from taking a spill.

Now, a lot of people may be saying that they would not lie or come right out and say that something happened to them, but the thoughts that go through the mind of victims tends to be same, regardless of ones gender, age, and aliments and/or challenges in life, seeing as the reasons that victims of abuse do not leave a relationship, as listed on a page on the Advocacy Center website, are worded in a way that applies to both male and female victims, and victims tend to hide things too, much like how people will tell the person that is helping them with their computer troubles that they or one of the other members of their household did not do anything prior to the occurrence of the problem.

This is why we should doubt the people we care about, regardless of what kind of relationship we have with them, because, as much as we want to give them their space and believe what they tell us, there may be something bad happening to that individual, when you are not looking.

Of course, because it difficult to tell if a person really needs help or not, all we can do is just let them know that we are there for them, and if what we suspect happens in front of us, protect or rescue the individual, though it might be good to talk to somebody else about your suspicions too.

Because of this, I really want to applaud A-1 Pictures, especially because I could actually feel something when these scenes played out.

Another thing that I liked about this episode was how Satoru noticed that he made the same mistakes did when 1988 was the present for him, instead of a rerun, or revival, as the show calls it, like it is now for him.

When many people say that they would like to go back into the past and change things, they think that they can stay focused on their ultimate goal, whether that be killing Hitler or doing things differently.

However, throughout the many millennia that humans have been around on the Earth, we have continued to make the same mistakes over and over again, much like the homuncli from FMA said when they witnessed the humans of Amestris killing each, even if the way we made those mistakes was not the same.

Likewise, I do not think that we would actually do anything different if we got to relive our past because we get caught up in the moment, just like Satoru, who had memories from what happened in 1988, did not realize he made the same mistakes until it was too late.

There were two things that caught my interest the most though.

First, the way Satoru's teacher acted in this episode was suspicious.

While I did not really suspect him too much around this time point in the manga, I got a really creepy vibe from him in this episode.

When Satoru told his teacher that he suspected that Hinadzuki was being abused, his teacher revealed that he too had suspected the same thing.

When I first read the manga, I thought the teacher was being very thoughtful in checking up on his students, but in the anime version of this scene, which is presented here, I thought that he was too interested in Hinadzuki.

Then again, I am not too certain how things work in Japan, especially back in 1988, so this could just be something that teachers did regularly.

For now, I will leave this open for debate, especially since I think that I am getting these vibes right now because of what I know will happen in this series, though I do not know how this series will end.

Still, I do have to give A-1 Pictures a lot of praise. If things occur like I think they will, I would understand how people would think that the teacher could not be responsible for the events occurring around Satoru, though it is also the reason I do not really want to categorize this series as a mystery series.

After all, I did not suspect the teacher too much of being the true criminal of the case 18 years ago in the manga, as I was trying to learn more about what was going on at that point in time.

Second, during the last few minutes of the episode, I saw Satoru's teacher and Kenya speaking to each other.

Seeing as this scene did not make an appearance in the manga, and some people who have not read the manga think that Kenya is an accomplice to the criminal, if he is not the criminal, I am wondering what this conversation is about, and it even makes me want to watch the next episode right now.

If I had to guess though, I would probably say that Kenya may be doing some investigating on his own, since if this continues adapting the manga as faithfully as it has been, except for some scenes that were wisely cut out, there may be a friendly confrontation between Kenya and Satoru.

However, that may not be the case and A-1 Pictures may actually explore the conversation before Satoru returns to 2006, which I think will happen next episode, even though the only thing confirmed about this anime is that it will have the same ending as the manga.

Outside of those things, I cannot really think of anything else that I particularly liked.

The fact that Satoru and Hinadzuki's relationship seems to be progressing very naturally and that the way Hinadzuki's abuse was handled believable, as well as the fact that there is some suspicious activity going on already, made this episode very enjoyable.


Although I did like this episode, there are some issues.

Fortunately, nothing seemed to really bug me in this episode, and possibly will not until the series finally ends.

As a result, I have will have to say there is nothing worth mentioning.

Considering that there was quite a bit to like and nothing bugged me too much, this was definitely worth watching.

I recommend this to everyone, especially those those want to try out something different, because A-1 Pictures is handling things pretty well and the mystery behind the case from 18 years ago is getting much more interesting.

What are your thoughts on Boku Dake ga Inai Machi episode 3? Did you like or hate it? Was there something that you liked or hated that went unmentioned? Feel free to comment.

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