Anime Review: Case Closed Episode 126

February 11, 2014


It seems like things have been progressing a bit quicker than I expected.

Of course, that could be because FUNimation's fifth season contains quite a few multiple part cases, just like the third season set.

Anyway, I have now reached the final five episodes of the season, which will also be the last episodes I cover from the Detective Conan anime.

Today, I will be reviewing Case Closed episode 126 (Detective Conan episode 119).

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


Jimmy, Richard, Rachel, and the Junior Detective League have been invited to attend a party being held by people who are fans of Masked Yaiba.

However, the festivities end when somebody comes and shoots a partiers and then himself.

Everyone thinks it is a simple case of attempted murder and suicide, but Jimmy thinks that there was no suicide.

Now, he must find out the truth behind the incident, before the case is ruled what it may not be.


I kind of liked this case. It was setup pretty well and not a whole lot was obvious. In fact, I really did believe that the shooter did not look into things carefully, at least until it is revealed that he also belonged to the same group that was holding the party. Seeing as this is a filler case, according to Detective Conan World, it looks like the people in Japan have taken a lesson from Gosho Aoyama's better cases, because this case is better than many of the other cases they made. Unfortunately, they still have yet to make something as good as episodes 61 and 62 (Japanese count). I liked how the partiers were willing to admit their enjoyment of something meant for kids. This is different from how Misaka from the series A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun (shortened to Raildex by many on the Internet) handles her enjoyment of childish things. In Misaka's case, she, like many people in our society, even when we know it does not matter, is embarrassed when her peers make note of her tastes. However, the characters introduced here were quite open with their love of Masked Yaiba, which is based on two real series from Japan, according to Detective Conan World. There may be people like these guys in real life, but I certainly wish that everyone was, because then it would be easier to be ourselves. Another nice thing is that the next episode preview is actually correct. It looks like Japan is back to their old ways again, because when I looked up the Japanese version of this case, which I had to look up a fansubbed version of because I do not think I can trust FUNimation's Japanese track, the next episode preview said that the next episode is The Mystery Writer Disappearance. However, according to Detective Conan World's episode list, MagicBox's episode list, and my episode list, the next episode is actually The Big Sting. In FUNimation's release, the next episode preview says that that is the next episode. I wonder why Japan keeps messing up these previews in their fifth season, because there are people who think that Japan cannot do anything wrong and this is an area where they usually do not get it wrong, unlike the way they treated episodes 5 and 13 (Japanese count on both), which created plot holes and delays that were not present in the manga. The thing that liked the most though was how both a fellow partier and the Junior Detective League chastised the culprit, when he said that he and Yaiba were the same. It is funny how we try to associate of person of good with ourselves when we do bad, because it does not change the fact that we gave into greed and committed an act of evil. Other than that, I cannot really think of anything that stood out that much. The fact that the case was decent and that the people at the party did not try to hide their love of something considered childish, as well as seeing the culprit get chastised by the Junior Detective League, made things pretty entertaining.


Although I did like some things about the case, there are some issues. However, aside from the usual issues that originally appeared in the fourth season set, the only issue I have with this case is a bit of disappointment. No, the case was not incredibly dull, but if I had to put my finger on it, I think that the powerful emotion portrayed in the previous case made me want to see more of the same in this episode. Unfortunately, that is not a good enough reason to put down this decent case. Because of that fact, I will say that there is nothing worth mentioning.

Considering that there were not really any flaws, except for the fact that it followed a case that had some powerful emotion, this was definitely worth watching. I recommend this to fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction, as well as Detective Conan (Case Closed) fans, though it might be best to wait a while, if you just watched the previous case. As for everyone else, this would be a pretty good introduction to the series, as well as the detective, mystery, and crime fiction genres in general.

What are your thoughts on Case Closed episode 126? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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