Anime Review: Case Closed Episode 46

February 18, 2013


After doing so well covering episodes, I have been slacking a bit on my reviews. I did choose to play Dominion and Stone Age with the family after all. At the same time, I am glad that I am able to keep my promise of covering Detective Conan (Case Closed) every 3-5 days. Fortunately, no matter whether episode 47 (Japanese count) was broadcasted on Adult Swim or not, I have now reached the final 5 of episodes of the television broadcast. Today, I will be reviewing Case Closed episode 46 (Detective Conan episode 45).

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


Jimmy, Richard, and Rachel have gone out for dinner and are just leaving the restaurant. Before they can get home, Richard is nearly hit by a car and the driver receives a call from Inspector Meguire.

After Richard talks with him, the trio stumbles across a body at the residence that had experienced a false alarm earlier in the night. There are three suspects, including the victim's daughter, and Jimmy and the gang must figure out who is responsible.


I kind of liked this case. The case was setup decently. In fact, I liked how none of the main cast was at the scene of the crime prior to the murder for once. Yes, they were not at the scene per se in episode 9, but that episode mainly utilized dramatic irony to generate the interest in the case. Here, however, somebody runs into the trip, even though we do not know of any crimes yet. There was not much obvious to be seen and I was given enough reason to be suspicious of each of the three equally. Then again, only those involved with criminal investigation would be able to really weed them out. After all, knowing how long it takes for victim to die through various methods is important knowledge. Of course, there were certainly some other things that I am not familiar with that played a part too. There was at least one funny part too. Unlike episode 43 (Japanese count) though, it did not really seem misplaced, which is certainly nice. The fact that the case seemed to be setup decently and that funny scenes were not misplaced, as well as the fact that the suspects were equally suspicious, made this look very good.


Although I liked the episode, there are certainly some issues. First, I was not really that interested in case. Although this is a filler case, according to Detective Conan World, I cannot really say that is what makes it dull. In many of my reviews of manga volumes 27 through 44, I believe I have said that I find many of the cases that occur after Black Org and KID cases to be not as good as. Likewise, after the incident in episode 43 (Japanese count), I have not found either of the two cases that have cropped up too interesting. Maybe, I would have liked it a bit more if I had not seen that episode, but I doubt it would have improved things. Another thing that I did not like was that I was not surprised about who the culprit was. While each of suspects was equally suspicious, there just was not one among them that would have surprised me. Now, I do not always expect to be surprised by a case that happens in the detective, mystery, and crime fiction genres, but I would certainly expect the trade off of a great case. However, out of all the suspects, the culprit turned to be the obvious. This really reminds me of my bad experience with Agatha Christie's Crooked House. In that book, as I think I have stated numerous times on this blog, the usual habits of a criminal is discussed, those habit are displayed within the text. Similarly, Richard tells the guy who ran into him that only the guilty run. Even though it does have a ring of truth, the person everybody suspected in episodes 22 and 23 (Japanese count on both) also ran away and was later proved innocent by Jimmy. Unfortunately, that is not the case here, even when considering the fact that one of the other suspects was alone with a corpse for ten minutes, as pointed out by Jimmy. This may show that assumptions are not always bad, but I do not think that an audience full of people that make assumptions before getting all the details should be encouraged to continually do so, like this episode does. In fact, fans of mystery, detective, and crime fiction should be trying to pick out the necessary details anyway, so suddenly being told that assumptions based on very little information are good will weaken their ability to doubt everything that is necessary to find the true culprit and/or trick behind the crime. The fact that the case was not very interesting and the fact that assumptions based on very little information seems to be encouraged, because of a culprit that was not too surprising, I cannot really see this as a case that I can consider one of the best filler.

Despite the fact that suspects were equally dubious and the case seemed to be decently setup, the fact that the case was dull and the culprit was not surprising made this seem like a waste of time. I recommend fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction, as well as fans of Detective Conan (Case Closed), to skip this case, especially since there is nothing relevant in this episode. As for everyone else, this would probably be a decent introduction to the series, but because assumptions based on very little information is seemingly encouraged in this episode, this does not serve as a good introduction to the detective, mystery, and crime fiction genres in general.

What are your thoughts on Case Closed episode 46? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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