Anime Review: Case Closed Episode 73

May 29, 2013


For those that are here for my Detective Conan (Case Closed) anime posts, I have to apologize for not keeping my promise this time, as this is three days late. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee it will not happen again, because humans are not perfect and I do not want to be tied to one particular series.

On the bright side, Funimation's third season of Detective Conan (Case Closed) is nearing its end, with only 6 (7 according to FUNimation's count) episodes remaining. Today, I will be reviewing Case Closed episode 73 (Detective Conan episode 71).

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


While out on a morning stroll, Jimmy, Richard, and Rachel think that they might finally be able to relax.

However, their peace ruined when they hear a scream and watch a man dies right before them.

As one of Meguire men recognizes the man, there is only one suspect and everybody but Richard thinks the suspect may be guilty. Now, Jimmy must determine whether or not the suspect really is the culprit and how the victim was killed.


I am not too sure about one this. The case was somewhat setup well. I also liked how Jimmy was not the only one that suspected the person that they talked to, after discovering her connection. It seemed like Meguire is a much better cop than how the police usually are presented in the detective, mystery, and crime fiction genres. I also liked how the evidence was as close to video footage as one could get without it actually a video. I guess this is the reason one should not kill the person stalking him or her. There were also some funny parts. The funniest though is the ending, where Rachel makes a comment about the case. In that scene, she states that it can happen to pretty much anyone and Richard says that the somebody will her is if he paid them, which angers Rachel. I guess Richard does not know that not all stalkers are interested in the same type of person. Outside of that, I cannot really think of anything else that I particularly liked. The fact that Meguire does not seem like how the police are usually presented in the detective, mystery, and crime fiction genres and the funny scene at the end, as well as the fact that the evidence against the culprit was pratically as good as video footage, does make this somewhat good.


Although there was some good about this case, there were certainly some issues. First, the suspect presented was obviously guilty. Yes, most of the time in Detective Conan (Case Closed) is guilty of murder, but here it was just too obvious. While the suspect talks with Meguire, we actually see her rubbing her hands together. From the looks of things, it is not even winter, so there should be no reason to rub her hands together. Jimmy may have attributed it to nerves, but I do not really anyone who would be rubbing hands together for anything more than to keep warm. Then again, there may actually be people that do that when they are nervous, since I do not know everyone in the world. Another thing that I did not like was that this case was not too interesting. As I have said time before, fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction want cases that are actually exciting. That is what draws people to the stories of Lupin, Sherlock, and Poirot, not just the fact that they like those characters. As this is yet another filler episode, according to Detective Conan World, both of these issues can only be blamed on the Japanese. I also did not like that next episode preview was not exactly correct. When the preview shows up, it claims that the next episode is Knight Baron Mystery. However, my episode list, MagicBox's episode list, and Detective Conan World's episode list all state that the next episode is Triple Terror. At the same time, considering that this was the first episode released out of order, since this was the last episode on the first DVD release of the original season 5, I cannot really be too mad about this. After all, the Knight Baron episodes did have their own DVD release. Because of this fact, I doubt the problem exists in the actual third season set. Outside of those things, I did have something to complain about, but since I did not think it changed much of anything, I think I will ignore it. While the confusion of episodes being released out of order is still present, the things that hurt this episode is a dull case and a suspect whose guilt was too obvious.

Despite the good, the negatives outweigh enough to make it a waste of time. I recommend fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction, as well as fans of Detective Conan (Case Closed), to skip this episode because of a dull case and the suspect's obvious guilt. As for everyone else, I do not think that this would serve as a good introduction to the series, nor as an introduction to the detective, mystery, and crime fiction genres in general.

What are your thoughts on Case Closed episode 73? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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