Anime Review: Case Closed Episodes 11 & 12

August 28, 2012


What? Two episodes reviewed in the same post? Why cover two, instead of one, like Another was? I am covering only one episode. As confirmed by MagicBox, this is where FUNimation's episode count starts to deviate from the Japanese, since FUNimation has always listed hour-long episodes as two separate episodes. Did you guys honestly think I would do 130 posts for only 123 episodes worth of content?

Anyway, since I have to wait for the rest of my order to arrive from Barnes & Noble, I am again continuing to watch the Detective Conan (Case Closed) anime dub. Today, I am going to review Case Closed episodes 11 and 12 (Detective Conan episode 11).

As I already gave a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


Richard, Rachel, and Jimmy are headed off by boat to Moonlight Island because A client sent a letter to Richard saying:

The next night of the full moon, shadows will begin disappearing from Moonlight Island… Please investigate.

A man named Kasper Austin signed the message. After they find out that the man is dead, Richard thinks the request was a prank, but Jimmy and Rachel think the client wanted Richard to investigate Kaspar Austin. As result, they meet various people in town. However, things start to turn ugly when everyone attending a memorial service for the last mayor of Moonlight, everyone hears Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and finds a person dead at the piano that Jimmy and the gang saw earlier. When Jimmy remembers the message Richard received, he realizes that they are not dealing with act of murder. Now, Jimmy gang must hunt down the culprit before any more bodies are found.


I really enjoyed this case. The first time I saw this, I do not think I could get the connection between Moonlight Sonata and somebody dying out of my mind, even to this day. Then again, as I said in my review of the first episode, I was not as familiar with detective, mystery, and crime fiction as I am now, when I first started watching this series. Except for the fact that Moonlight Sonata played after each death, nothing much was really that obvious. In fact, we were not introduced right away to very many suspects at the scene of the first murder, just political figures that stand to move up in the rankings. During questioning though, another suspect appeared, which was the one person who I definitely would have suspected, as he seemed like a wacko for much of the episode. I did get one part of who the killer was, though I did remember this case quite well, so I am not so sure my observations have very much credit in this one in trying to decide how obvious the culprit was in the case. However, I will say that some photographs do make it obvious, even for first time viewers. At the same time, I can still say that I was surprised. I did suspect a man because the first murder seemed to be something only within the capabilities of a male. On the other hand, the culprit turned out to be somebody I was not expecting. The case has very little that is obvious and even if one knew who the murderer was, it was still surprising, which come together to make a great case.


Although I liked this episode, there are definitely problems. At the same time, I cannot think of anything that would impact it negatively. While I was typing this, I had thought of something that annoyed me, but thinking back on it, things seemed to make sense enough that it was not a negative anymore. While the culprit did become obvious at one point, it is late enough in the case that I do not think it ruins anything, especially since there are more surprises in store. Because of those facts, I will say that there is not anything worth mentioning.

What are you thoughts of Case Closed episodes 11 and 12? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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