Anime Review: Case Closed Episodes 113 & 114

January 18, 2014


Well, it still January, the month many people decide to try and change things in their life. However, along with those new beginnings, other things start coming to an end.

Back in 2012, I started following Detective Conan again after finding the 42nd volume on bookstore shelves and started covering the anime a bit later.

Despite the fact that the manga is not ending yet and anime is going strong in Japan, I am now into the final 17 (18, according to FUNimation’s count) episodes released by FUNimation, which comprises the fifth season set.

Today, I will be reviewing Case Closed episodes 113 & 114 (Detective Conan episodes 107 & 108).

As I have given series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over again.


While walking back to Richard and Rachel’s after playing baseball, Jimmy and the Junior Detective League come across a man who wants Richard to help find his sister’s corpse.

However, when the client changes his mind about the job, strange things start happening around a person that Jimmy and the kids met before, and Jimmy suspects that the person that tried to hire Richard may be up to something.

Now, Jimmy must find out the truth about what happened in the past, in order to bring the case to a conclusion.


I am not too sure about this case. The case was set up somewhat well, and, except for a few instances, not too much was obvious. I liked how Richard stated that the client did not have very much proof to actually go looking for a body in a person’s yard. After all, the guy had flimsy evidence at best, and no strong circumstantial evidence, which is what puts people behind bars. I also liked how it should that witness testimony, which I mentioned was considered direct evidence in my review of episodes 98 and 99 (Japanese count on both), was not infallible. Not only does the human memory fade over time but we also do not always give all the details that may be important. Here, the witness that Jimmy and the gang were told about seemed to have forgotten about the wind and changing positions, until Jimmy did ask him about wind. It is funny that we as human beings do not realize how important the minutest detail is in finding an answer to problems. Then again, if we all knew that and did not forget that the most trivial detail is important, we most likely would not be human anymore. Because the witness did not mention these details, the guy who tried to hire Richard thought the location of his sister’s corpse was in an elderly man’s yard. Outside of that, I cannot think of anything else in particular that caught my attention. The fact that Richard noticed the flaws in what his client told him and that eyewitness testimony is not perfect did make this somewhat enjoyable.


Although there were things that I liked, there are some issues. First, the case was not really that interesting. I think that this is because the things that were obvious were not things that should have been. For example, the man that Jimmy and the Junior Detective League met the day they were playing baseball smiled way too much. I am not too sure about you guys, but if I was trying to hide something, I would not be smiling, unless I was completely alone. If I wanted to see a guy like him smile, I would want the case to be about how he killed the victim, not trying to find a corpse. By smiling in front of people like he did, people would know that he is hiding something. Fortunately, the hiding spot was not so obvious, because of the witness’s original statement. Seeing as this is a filler case, according to Detective Conan World, the only ones that can be blamed for this are the Japanese. They should know by now that the obvious can ruin a case, just like the obvious ruined episode 6. Unfortunately, they did learn that in all the time that the anime has been running until this case came. Second, I hated that the guy got off scot-free for what he did. True, he did kill the other man’s sister by accident, but he still tried to hide the body just like any other murderer would, instead of contacting the police. On other hand, the legal systems in our world are not perfect, so I should not be too upset. Besides, I know that nothing made by mankind is perfect. Another thing that I noticed was like anime episode 62 (Japanese count), the opening for episode 108 (Japanese count) was changed from showing footage from the previous episode for the duration of Unmei no Roulette Mawashite, which was present in the Japanes footage that I had to look up a fansubbed version for, to the normal sequence seen in many other episodes. However, because the case was so dull to me anyway, I do not think that it would have made me more interested, like it would have for episode 62 (Japanese count). As such, I can overlook this change. Other than that, the only things I noticed were that the things from the fourth season set still occur in the episodes that make up this case. While there was some minor stuff wrong, the fact that the obvious made a dull case worse hurt both episodes.

Despite the good present, the fact that the case went from bad to worse because of the obvious made this a waste of time. I recommend everyone, including newcomers to and current fans of Detective Conan (Case Closed), skip this case.

What are your thoughts on Case Closed episodes 113 & 114? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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