Anime Review: Case Closed Season 4


With another of FUNimation’s Detective Conan (Case Closed) seasons finished, I guess it is time for me to take break from the anime.

However, before I do, I will do one more review. Today, I will be reviewing Case Closed season 4.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


Like my other season reviews for Detective Conan (Case Closed), here is a list of cases featured in this season. They are order by when they happen in the manga and by volume, according to Detective Conan World, so no filler cases are listed.



I somewhat liked this season, though it is not particularly my favorite. I liked how Jimmy was shown for the tone-deaf person he was, as well as the other funny scenes throughout the season. I also liked how all seven, except for episode 86 (Japanese count), which I cannot verify because the volume it comes in is not available in my country, seemed to be fairly faithful to their manga counterparts. Not only were they faithful, but a few also seemed to be just as good as they were in the manga. Outside of that, there was not much that stood out in particular. The fact that cases are faithful to their manga counterparts and that there were quite few things I found funny did make things tolerable.


Although I liked the season, there are certainly some issues. First, many of the cases were dull. This disappointed me, because the first time I watched the episodes in this season, the cases seemed to be good, according to my original review on Amazon. If I had to take a guess, I think it is because I have way more experience with the detective, mystery, and crime fiction genres now than I did back then. After all, I do not think that I was able to distinguish between dull cases and exciting cases. In this instance, it seemed like Japan could not really choose and/or create a good set of cases to make up the episodes of this season, even though the cases seemed to get better near the end of this season. Another thing that I did not like was that the Next Conan’s Hint segments for many of the episodes were removed. At first, this did not really bug me much, but looking at MagicBox’s notes, which state that the first three season sets had them, it looks like I have one more consistency issue that I have to blame FUNimation for. While I did not make much of a big deal about a similar issue in A Certain Scientific Railgun Volume 4, there are not enough season sets to make me consider overlooking this issue and I started collecting the US DVD releases back when FUNimation was releasing singles, not at the most recently released DVDs after a period of time had passed. Another thing that I did not like was how episode 96 (Japanese count) was split into four episodes, when it was supposed to be a 2-hour long episode, which was obvious without even taking a look at the original Japanese version. As I said in my review of that episode, I expect a 2-hour long episode to be two hours long, because the extended length episodes found in the first and third season sets were released as they were intended. One other thing that I did not like was that the final episode in the season had neither the Next Conan’s Hint nor a next episode preview. True, there are other episodes that have this issue, but seeing as most of the episodes in this season, except episode 96 (Japanese count), had a next episode preview and it was not the final episode that they dubbed, I do not see why they did not have one. The biggest issue I have with this season though is that the box says that this season set is unedited and uncut. With as much as I already revealed what FUNimation did in this season, including how episode 96 (Japanese count) was handled, this kind of label is misleading. If the box says it is unedited and uncut, I expect it to be unedited and uncut. This is what caused my original disappointment with the fourth season set, because it ruined my enjoyment of an episode that did not appear to be any different from when I originally saw it subbed. Fortunately, neither the Viridian edition, the SAVE edition (see second paragraph of this review), nor the iTunes edition feature such a misleading label, though I do hate how FUNimation never bothered to combined the four that were episode 96 (Japanese count). Taking that into account, I will label this as a minor annoyance. While I am still not pleased with how episode 96 (Japanese count) was handled, the things that hurt this season sets is the fact that the Japanese did not pick very many good cases to make up episodes 77-99 (Japanese count) and the fact that FUNimation’s consistency issues cannot be overlooked entirely.

Despite my issues with the fourth season set, the good outweighs it enough to make this season something to just kill time. I recommend this to fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction, as well as Detective Conan (Case Closed), because there are at least some decent cases. As for everyone else, I would recommend getting one of the first three season sets instead, because there are not enough good cases that would make this season a good introduction to the series, nor the detective, mystery, and crime fiction genres general.

What are your thoughts on Case Closed season 4? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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