Anime Review: Fractale

July 24, 2012


Things really do need to change somewhere. There was a show I have been waiting for iTunes to get for almost a week now. The people that licensed it announced that is was released back on the 17th, but the show never appeared for the longest time under the people producing it. In fact, they announced it would be available on PSN and Xbox later that day, but no mention of iTunes. Anyway, I finally found it today and that it was supposedly available on the 19th, if not earlier. Today, I am going to review that show, which is called Fractale.


A thousand years into the future, things have changed drastically. Family life is no longer a common experience. Instead, families live separately and most people talk to each other via avatar-like entities called doppels. In this way, Clain has lived his life in a house he practically has to himself. However, his peaceful world is turned upside down when a chance encounter with a girl gets him the attention of a terrorist group. On the other hand, these terrorists are not all they are cracked up to be by a group who forces girls to do their bidding in order to maintain their power over the world.


I did like the show. It definitely showed that a government is only out to serve its own purposes. The government here though is a religion, so it could be considered a theocracy, but it no less shows how government can be. Governments exist to protect us in our society. Many people will agree with that statement, but it will not protect its citizens from everything. As much of a threat an attack from outside is, there is a far worse kind of attack that businesses must know about in order to survive. That particular kind of attack is an attack from within. It is not limited to businesses though. As much as the government is supposed to protect its citizens, it cannot protect citizens from itself. In this show, we have brainwashing being done to various citizens via technology. Of course, brainwashing happens in our society too. One example of this is the school system, which I talked about in earlier review. I may be a product of that school system, but I have not fallen into the propaganda of the man-made global warming scam. After all, we are only small amounts of matter, just like the things we make, when compared to the planet. Another form of brainwashing comes from people that claim to be free thinkers when they just spout off what the school system, and likewise, the government, wants a person to believe. Fortunately, I make no claims of being a free thinker. Another thing that was nice about the show was the fact that there were a few funny scenes that made me laugh. For example, Enri in the beginning not only keeps calling Clain a pervert, which we know is false, but she also has her goons spray him, in order to sanitize him. It does not happen at every point in the show, but it is just so funny that she jumps to conclusions so quickly. People do jump to conclusions all the time in our society. We see somebody we like with a person of the opposite sex enough times and we believe that the said person is already taken. It is possible, but unless we ask, it will lead us closer to apathy. In fact, that is the consequence of following the cliche, "Curiosity killed the cat." By not indulging the curiosity, we lose our ability to doubt. If we do not doubt people, we do not show our concern. All of this is because we settle on an assumption, instead of pursuing the truth. When I first saw this, I thought that the ending was kind of sad, but as that would be a major spoiler, I will not be discussing it. I also liked how the show touched on the fact that we give up our freedoms in order to have the pleasures of a luxury that people think is a right. We do not really get any particulars on this but Clain's parents say that if they were to move in with Clain that they would be essentially keeping each other prisoner. The part that seems best to me though is that, with exception of the ending, the series felt really uplifting. This probably because Nessa seems so innocent and acts a lot like a child. The series seems uplifting and covers that fact that governments are not above brainwashing to keep their control.


While I did like the show, I cannot really say that this show is truly great. The boy meets girl thing has been done to death it seems. It's not that it makes a show boring as it does with what can happen and it seems just about every possibility has been explored. Maybe if there were something interesting involved, like Another, then things would be different. Also, even though it may not have been important, I do not know how this one side character knows Clain. When we first meet him, we think he is a pervert, but when we look at the images he took on his camera, we see pictures of Clain, even as a baby with his parents. To this day, I wonder how he is related to Clain. If he were just hired to take a family photo, there is no way that he would have so many photos of Clain. However, my biggest problem is that it just seems generic. When I watch shows like Death Note or FMA, I can see their uniqueness. Yes, a person going around killing evil people is not really unique, but up to that, I do not think I ever came across a notebook being used to kill people. I have come across using a computer to kill people and a cell phone detonating a bomb though. Alchemy is not really that unique either, considering how popular occult subjects are these days, but the way the alchemy works in FMA just seems so unique and the humor just cannot be beat. This one, however, I cannot really think of anything that really stands out amongst the crowd.

Despite the fact that there are funny parts and somewhat deals with brainwashing, I cannot really say that this show was anything more than decent. I would recommend this to fans of science fiction, due to the futuristic setting. For everyone else, this can safely be skipped because of how generic it really is.

What are your thoughts on Fractale? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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