Anime Review: Inuyasha: The Final Act Episode 1

October 10, 2012


Well, since I finished reviewing the first season of Detective Conan (Case Closed), I am now taking a break from reviewing the episodes of that series. That means that I can cover other stuff too. Anyway, I recently purchased the season pass for the first half of a new show and I decided to cover it as I go, since I do not get all episodes at once, just what is available. Today, I am going to review Inuyasha: The Final Act episode 1.

Kagome was just an ordinary girl living out her life going to school and hanging out with friends. However, one day, she falls into a well on her family's land and finds herself not just in a different place, but a different time. If that is not enough, she gets chased after because of something special she supposedly has. When she shatters that special item, known as the shikon jewel, she and a half demon named Inuyasha have to team up to hunt its shards. Now, battle after battle, the fragments have been gathered, but they must continue to pursue the demon Naraku in order to secure the jewel.


Betrayal is abound. Not only is Kagura not content with following Naraku's orders, but neither are the latest demons that have spawned from Naraku. Knowing this, Hakudoshi plays on Kagura's discontent and has her help in overthrowing Naraku. When Inuyasha and Kagome get back from the modern world, where Kagome had recently failed an exam, they are attacked by Hakudoshi, whom they still think is with Naraku, and Kagome's shard is stolen. When the shard is found though, they learn that the key to defeating Naraku maybe closer than they think.


Even though it has been quite some time, I still kind of like this. Unlike FMA Brotherhood, this is not a complete reboot where the early events are glazed over. This show picks up around the point where the last show left off. This means that those that have watched the show on Adult Swim or through other means will not be wasting their time with content they have already seen before just to get to the new stuff. The action expected from the series is still there, which will certainly please current fans too. Some of the humor seems to be around too, but not in its entirety. Also, being that this show was dubbed after so many years after the first series ended, I was glad that most of the characters sounded the same as before, even if not perfectly. I also really liked the opening theme to the show, which I will say right now is going to pretty much be the only opening, since I originally watched this when Viz Media was simulcasting this show on Hulu, which has now pretty much gone to pot with too many ads and has shows that are only available to subscribers, who must supposedly also suffer through ads. I am glad that I am watching this dubbed though because of that experience, since Viz Media tends to make their subs too small to read, in order to watch from a bigger display, such as a television, which could always be done by just hooking a laptop or some other computer up to the display. I can actually understand what is going on, even without being close to the display, like I would be if I were to watch something subbed. Outside of those, I cannot really think of much else because this is only the pilot episode. The biggest pluses are for the current Inuyasha fans, which include starting around where the last show left off, instead of a reboot with early events glazed over, and the humor and action they enjoy being present.


Although I enjoyed this there are certainly some issues. At the same time, pilot episodes are not really the best shows have to offer. First, because this show is not a reboot, it is not for newcomers to the series. We do not get to know the characters very well because Sunrise assumes that the only ones watching this would be those familiar with the anime and/or manga. Also, we do not know why Kagome and Inuyasha are after the sacred jewel shards, which are really just like Dragon Ball Z's dragon balls, in that beings can get pretty much whatever they want, if they have the complete jewel, even though it is when the seven balls are gathered in DBZ and no dragon or other entity comes out of the sacred jewel. If the anime industry in the US is hurting so much, I just do not see how this would help things, except to appease those who have for so long wanted a proper ending to the series to be animated. The other thing that is not so great for newcomers is that even though there is humor, newcomers will not really understand it because they do not know the characters very well. In fact, since I have not seen the series in a while myself, I did not find myself laughing or finding very many things funny, except for maybe Kagome's wrath towards being interrupted. It just seems right now that a reboot would have done better justice to the series. However, considering that this is just the pilot, I will not hold that against the show just yet, if at all. Second, even though most of the cast is the same as the last show, two voices have changed, one of them being for the worst. Seriously, unlike the reason why Alphonse Elric has a different VA in the FMA Brotherhood dub than in the original FMA anime, we do not know, or at least I cannot find, why Kagome got a new VA. She just sounded really off. Granted, this is just the pilot episode and I even thought Alphonse Elric sounded too girly when I saw the first episode of FMA Brotherhood dubbed and that Haibara's US English dub voice in the third Detective Conan (Case Closed) movie sounded too old to belong to a child. I either grew used to those voices or the character started to sound a bit more like they used to. I am more confident about the former in this case though, since I was not as bothered by Kagome's voice watching this as I was when I saw Viz Media's video clip for the series. Although the things that Inuyasha fans like are here, I think the fact that this is not friendly to newcomers to the Inuyasha franchise certainly hurts this series, even more so than the fact that Kagome's voice actor was replaced.

Despite the fact that this is not for newcomers to the Inuyasha franchise, I think the episode was certainly enjoyable. I will only recommend this to fans of Inuyasha, since they will understand what is going on and such. As for everyone else, I recommend skipping this show, for now, since the show was obviously targeted at fans of Inuyasha.

What are your thoughts about Inuyasha: The Final Act episode 1? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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