Anime Review: Noir


Well, it has been a while since I made a post. Things have cropped up, such as the unexpected purchases of the iOS version of one of my apps, which resulted in a horrible first impression. Anyway, those issues have been resolved, as I mentioned in an earlier post. The other thing was that I had nothing to post, until now. Today, I will be reviewing Noir.


An assassin gets an unexpected message from somebody that asks if she wants to take a journey to look for their past. This leads the assassin to meet a girl with amnesia, whom seeks out why she knows how to kill and the fact that she knows the name Noir. In order to uncover that truth, the two join forces using Noir as an alias. However, instead of a peaceful killing spree, they become entangled in the plans of a secret society.


Even though this is not the first time I watched this, I enjoyed the show. In the beginning, Mireille is like many of us in the world. She does not want to help out Kirika, the amnesiac, because she works alone. Many of us do not want to help others, instead leaving it to somebody else, like the government. Honestly, though people disagree due their support of government running everything, governments just want to have power over its citizens, since it is filled with nothing but corrupt officials who are no different than criminals. Of course, that just shows the obvious side of greed. However, Mireille reluctantly agrees, but not without saying that she wants Kirika’s life in return. Again, this is very much like mankind, since we do not really like to do things without compensation, though this is not much the case here on the Internet. Besides, there is rarely, if ever, a moment where something accomplished is truly selfless. The desire to have that good feeling alone is also greed, just like the desire to save the world. It was also nice to see that she was not a cold-blooded killer, which most murderers are, if and when they reach serial killer status. In addition to how many similarities there are with actual people, I thought the pacing was good. There was enough time to get to understand the main characters and nothing felt rushed or drawn out. The show was also very action-packed, which should please most people in my country. After all, most people here cannot see anything as good if there is no sex, violence, or flashing lights. The other thing that was nice was something that happened during the final episodes. Since I do not want to spoil anything, I am not going to discuss it. The show was action-packed but had a nice pacing and Mireille showed a lot of similarities to people of our society.


Surprisingly, I cannot say that there is anything wrong with the show, not even those not worth mentioning. After all, there was not an episode that felt like filler, since killing is part of what the two main characters do. If anything, it would have been bad if they found out about the organization tracking them in the first two episodes, which would then make it hard to follow, as the mystery would have been gone. Fortunately, such a scenario does not happen. There really is not anything bad to say about the show, which is a good sign.

As there is nothing bad to say, I can say that this was definitely worth watching. The pacing was good and traits of mankind were shown quite well. The series was action-packed, but that is to be expected when the main character(s) are assassins. For fans of action, I would certainly recommend this title. As for everyone else, the storyline is good enough to checkout.

What are your opinions on Noir? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Feel free to comment.

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