Anime Review: Orange Episode 8

August 21, 2016

Naho with schoolmates

Well, this is somewhat of a surprise, huh?

Maybe, it is not, due to how things have been going this month, but it looks like I can finally relax, without anything really bogging me down this weekend.

As most of you know, I have been covering two shows this season and both are nearly two thirds of the way done, with five to six episodes left.

So far, one of those have come and gone, while the other only recently getting near the final five episodes.

Today, I will be reviewing the latest episode of the other series, which is called Orange.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

Kakeru on ground

Things seem to be going well for Naho and the rest of her friends, as they are enjoying their days in school.

However, when Kakeru collapses during practice, everyone is concerned and Naho, who realizes that things are now different from what letter predicted decides to stop relying on the letter.

Now, she must find a different way to bring about the future that she and her friends want.

Kakeru & Suwa

I am not too sure about this one.

Thankfully, there were a few things to like, so I do not really have to jump right into the bad or disappointing stuff.

I really liked how Kakeru was still a bit closed off to his friends and that both Suwa and Naho were still trying to keep their friends in the dark.

Now, while doing this is not the smartest thing to do, because people will find out the truth eventually and one will reach their limits too quickly, it really reminded me a bit of my own troubles recently.

I have this friend that I have not known for as long as a few of the other friends I made in my life and they think that I am too dependent on them, because I am not doing my own thing and stay close to them, and seemingly thinking that I am bitter towards other people because I do not get what I want from them, instead of considering the possibility that I may be blaming myself for putting faith in something that I should have doubted from the very beginning, like Shinichi Akiyama from Liar Game says we should.

However, while I may have been relying on them a lot more than they would have liked, the way that I determine if somebody is reliable or not, at least in the eyes of that friend, is not really how I determine if somebody is reliable or not, and things are breaking down because I am worrying about things I should not be worrying about, like if that friend can really handle my needs and fears or what people think of me, and should have both found what it I really want in my life, before I really end up hating myself for being somewhere that I do not belong, even if I like the people and what I do there, and communicated better with that friend.

Likewise, Kakeru, Naho, and Suwa know that they have others to rely on, but because they are each keeping things among themselves, more so because they do not think that they will be believed than out of the same kind of concern that many elderly, disabled, or dying have when they push people away when they probably should not, since it was that person's choice to help or remain with them, and it turned out that their other friends knew that something was going on.

This is why we all need to be reminded that we can rely on others over and over again, otherwise, like I have experienced in life, we would end up doing something that we were certainly capable of doing but should not done at all.

Seeing how TMS handled this quite well, I want to give TMS a big round of applause, because what was shown was fairly believable.

After all, if the three of them immediately relied on each other and their friends after the events of the previous episode, I would have been greatly disappointed, even if it was what the characters should have done, because it takes time for human beings to learn and we and our descendants will keep making the same mistakes repeatedly, though it may not necessarily be in the exact same manner.

I also liked how it was confirmed that each of the people in Naho's group of friends received a letter from the future.

While it was kind of obvious that they each received a letter, especially after Suwa had confirmed the existence of his own, there is no way of knowing if it was about the same kind of things that Suwa and Naho had expressed in their letters about their regrets concerning Kakeru's death.

Still, the way the others in group reacted did appear to suggest that they also had the same regrets that Naho and Suwa read in their letters, and I am kind of looking forward to finding out what the contents of their letters said.

Even if this was not some big moment of revelation for the series, I still feel like giving TMS a round of applause, because I do have some incentive to keep on watching this right up to the end.

Good job TMS. This seems to be going in a pretty decent direction, especially when there are now only five episodes left. If things do not go downhill from here, like Boku Dake ga Inai Machi certainly did after episode 10.

The thing that I liked the most though was that Naho had decided to stop following the instructions of her letter.

For much of the early portion of the series, there were not enough things happening that verified the authenticity of the letter that Naho received, yet she started believing everything it said after the first day or so that she had it on her, which made her just as naïve as Nao Kanzaki was at the beginning of Liar Game.

Seeing this, I was kind of annoyed that she was too quick to believe its words.

However, now that the letter is not as accurate as it was before, I am glad that Naho decided to abandon the letter at last, because it will not have too many more useful details in the coming days, and she does not have a reason to take on things herself.

Once again, I have to applaud TMS, because if she continued to rely on the letter throughout the remaining episodes, I do not think that there would be as much emotional impact that data about the end of the manga seems to suggest might be there.

After all, I doubt anybody would be happy if the contents of the letters suddenly changed and led the group on to their goal the whole time.

In fact, in Steins;Gate, which had a story that relied heavily on time travel, even though the characters could affect the past and change the present, Rintaro Okabe still witnessed Mayuri dying over and over again and he never received any major clues until close to the end, and that added to both the tension and the emotional impact of what he was going through.

Taking this into account, TMS deserves even more praise than before, since a quick glance through the manga online seems to suggest that the letters may not be abandoned quite yet at this point.

Outside of those things, I cannot think of anything else that I particularly liked.

Because Naho decides to abandon her letter and the fact that the friends did not fully rely on each other as much as they should have believable, as well as the fact that one thing, though obvious, was confirmed, made this episode rather enjoyable.

Suwa & Naho

Although there were things that I liked, there are some issues.

However, aside from things that are too minor to talk about, only one thing really bugged me.

During the course of this episode, the friends all got together and revealed that they all got letters and a few of them were happy to finally be asked for helped.

While it was not extremely terrible in the way things played out, it annoyed me because it seemed like the series was going to end soon.

Yes, the series does have only five episodes left after this one, but I think that this should have really only happened in the final four episodes, because that is where it makes the most sense to be.

Unfortunately, because it happened in this episode and because of the way it was handled, it makes me think that there may only be three more episodes, instead of the five that make up the last of the thirteen slated to air.

Maybe, things will play out well in the end, because the important things that I saw skimming the manga online seem to still be present, but I sure do hope that this one has not been cancelled, because of how things turned out here.

For now, unless it really become problem in the final four episodes, I will just label this as a minor annoyance, since I am not too sure of a way to turn such a scene to be the beginning of a major turn in the series, and it is not going to make or break the series.

Even though there was only one thing that annoyed me about this episode, the issue was not bad enough that it hurt the quality of this episode.

Considering that there was quite a bit to like and the only thing wrong was a minor annoyance, this was definitely worth watching.

I only recommend this to fans of Orange, because this series is close to the end and they will like this the most.

What are your thoughts on Orange episode 8? Did you like it or hate it? Was there something that you liked or hated that went unmentioned? Feel free to comment.

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