Anime Review: Un-Go Episode 1

October 16, 2012


Before I start things off, I have two things to talk about. First, I would like to apologize for the recent outage. I was messing around with the network, in order to be able to access the server again, since the structure recently changed. However, unlike my transition to this domain name from the address I had in 2011, I put in redirects, so those that are following the main feed or the feeds of the tags or bookmarked certain posts or pages will be automatically redirected to the new address. However, some will not be redirected, such as if they bookmarked the main page of the blog without a trailing slash in the address. I am currently seeking help in getting everything to work in that department. Second, for those that think I am only reviewing anime and manga right now, I am in the middle of reading a book that is not a manga title. I am not too sure when I will post a review of it, but it will be definitely be some time after I finish the book, just like the rest.

With that out of the way, I got another season pass from iTunes recently and I decided to cover it, in addition to Inuyasha: The Final Act. Like Inuyasha, I will cover this as I go, since I do not have all the episodes available at once, and will most likely be covering two episodes the first week, since I did not get this when the first episode was originally available. Today, I will be reviewing Un-Go episode 1.

After having died in a car accident, which nobody seems to have known about, Yuki Shinjuro has risen from the ashes to show that people that he truly is a great detective, but it is going to be hard when he has very few allies and even the police doubt his abilities.


Yuki has been invited to attend a party that is being hosted by a person suspected of corruption. Many people think that he is definitely guilty and thinks the reason that the party was held was to bring up a lame excuse. However, when he finally does show up on stage, he falls down dead, with a knife in the back. Now, the killer must be found before the possibly wrong person is taken away.


I am not too sure about this one. The case has been set up pretty well. There was not really that much that I could say was obvious. However, I do like the fact that Yuki is kind of an underdog, in this episode at least. In many detective, mystery, and crime fiction stories, the detective is unknown or very highly praised, if he or she is famous. Case in point, Jimmy Kudo in Detective Conan (Case Closed) is already regarded as the contemporary Sherlock at the beginning of the series. There is no way that an unknown detective would have such a nickname. Of course, if he were hated by a lot of people, I do not think he would get that nickname either. Here, however, we get a group of people who think he is an idiot. I have not really come across that many detective characters that are hated in the beginning, but I have come across those that are unknowns in the beginning, such as Touma from Q.E.D. and Kyu from Detective Academy Q. This kind of make me want to analyze his skills a bit further, in order to identify just how good he is. The fact that the case seems pretty well set up and the fact that the detective starts out as an underdog in more than the eyes of the police certain makes this a bit different to my experience with the detective, mystery, and crime genres.


Although things certainly seemed good, there are certainly some issues or annoyances. First, this case did not have that much excitement. Even though pilot episodes and early books in series are all about getting to know the characters and how good detectives are, that does not give them a ticket to be uninteresting. After all, an uninteresting case does nothing but turns one off from pursuing a series any further. Honestly, as obvious as the first case of Gosick was, it was certainly much more interesting than the case presented here. However, the biggest issue I have is with Sentai Filmworks side of things. In my review of Another, I stated that things tend to get inappropriately rated higher than they should in the US. Now, I am not too sure where to place this yet, since it cannot be determined until the series ends, but this is the second title I found to have inconsistent content ratings. On Rightstuf, as of October 16th , which is linked to earlier in this post, it is rated TV-14, even though they use age ratings as opposed to television content ratings. It is also rated TV-14 on Anime Network, as of October 16th. However, iTunes has it listed as TV-MA, as of October 16th. Seriously though, if this was rated TV-MA because of the scene where Yuki's partner's face turned into a skull, they have not seen the scene in Ghost Hunt where there was a guy literally bathing in blood, which I found much more frightening. Hopefully, the answer to what it really should be rated can be determined when all this ends, but I would at least expect consistent content ratings across all forms of distribution. While the case seemed set up pretty well, the fact that it was not interesting certainly puts some damper on the series, but not as much as why iTunes has a different rating from everywhere, which I hope gets resolved some time, even if it is after this post is published.

Despite the fact that the case was set up well, the fact that the case was not too interesting makes me think twice about even trying this series out. I recommend that fans of detective, mystery, and crime skip this, if they are looking for interesting cases. As for everyone else, this is most likely a hit or miss, but Gosick would be a much better title to pick than this episode if one wants a good introduction to mystery.

What are your thoughts on Un-Go episode 1? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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