Book Review: Blood+: First Kiss

November 26, 2011


Well, as I have completed the books my sister gave to me as presents, I have started to read a book that I have had for a while. I tried reading this while on vacation to San Diego, but things kept getting the way. Today, I finally completed the book and will post my review the book, which is called Blood+: First Kiss.

Saya Otonashi is thought to be a normal girl by her siblings and her friends. However, on one particular night, she is dragged into a world full of creatures that feast upon humans. Waking up in the hospital, she finds out, via eavesdropping on a conversation in the waiting room, that things are not what she thought they were. Later, she is told that her purpose is to eliminate the creatures she encountered.

When I got this book, around the time Borders was closing, I fairly intrigued. I was first introduced to the show, which was aired before this was ever released, on Hulu and enjoyed all 50 episodes, but sadly, even at this time that I am writing this review, I cannot easily get all fifty episodes, so I got this, thinking it was a good substitute. I enjoyed that it was somewhat accurate, but I did not spot any additions, only changes to certain events. What I thought was going to happen, either did not happen at all or were completely different. For example, on the trip to Vietnam in the show, Kai and Riku visit Mui's family then get abducted, along with Mui, but in the book Kai, Riku, and Mui are abducted straight from the orphanage. I did not really enjoy this because Riku was supposed to have strong feelings for Mui, but that was not even explored, making the point where he says that he'll get Mui and the rest of the orphans new baseball equipment. In addition to the scene where Riku and Kai got abducted, another thing that did not happen was the trip to the Hanoi museum. During the museum trip, Saya seems to remember something that had occurred during the Vietnam War, which she apparently participated in, which we do not know how, as of yet, since we all think she is human. In the book, this scene never once took place. I find that revealing it the mansion of portion of the Vietnam part of the story was stupid. Other than the fact that scenes were changed or eliminated, grammar issues plagued this book. I cannot even count how many times where the wrong word was used, which is pretty sad and took the book's quality down greatly. For a book that is considered the official novelization of a show, things were cut that should not have been and the grammar issues suggested zero editing and/or proofreading work was done.

The content was not the only thing wrong with the book. Another glaring feature was that the table of contents was wrong. For example, the Vietnam part of the book is said to start on page 179, but it actually started on page 180 or so. Part two of the Vietnam part was supposed to start on page 325, but started on page 330 or so. Part two of the Okinawa portion, which was supposed to start on page 153, had the same problem as part one of Vietnam. A five-page difference was the worst, but if a book has a Table of Contents, it needs to be right. That is how a reader is going to find where they want to start reading, if they do not have a bookmark or is looking for something in particular. A reader does not want to discover that they have not reached what they are looking for in those kinds of situations, so one to two-page inaccuracies is allowable, while 5 or more is unacceptable. Table of Contents is something that needs to be accurate, no matter whether a book is fiction or not.

I know I usually start with what I like about books, but aside from it being somewhat accurate, I cannot really think of much else that was great.

Despite it being somewhat accurate, this book does not deserve its advertisement headline of official novelization with extra scenes, when it just drops scenes or changes them. As this is pretty much the only way I can own Blood+, I may get the other three books, but I was really disappointed in this. If you want to try out Blood+, I really recommend you want the show on Hulu or Netflix, which both seem to have at the time this post was written. As for this book, I strongly recommend skipping it.

What are your opinions of this book? Do you agree or disagree with me? Did I get anything wrong? Feel free to comment.

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