Book Review: Case Closed Volume 29


Well, It looks like things are still going smoothly, huh? Out of the three books I got from Barnes & Noble recently, I have covered two and only one remains. Today, I will be reviewing that last book, which is called Case Closed Volume 29 by Gosho Aoyama.

As I gave a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

Continuing from the previous volume, everyone gathers in the parking garage where Rachel found the body. More pieces of the puzzle are gathered, so more clues are coming in. In fact, three suspects appear at the scene of the incident. However, when Serena goes back to Richard’s car, the culprit going after her breaks the connection between the victims that has become apparent. Also, somebody else, other than the culprit seems to still be dwelling on the past. Now, not only must Jimmy and the gang rescue Serena, but also the other person hiding something must face what has been bugging him. Later, Jimmy and the Junior Detective League head out for a ski trip, even though Dr. Agasa is sick. However, the group falls victim, along with other passengers, to a group of criminals who hijack their bus. Unfortunately, that is not all that is unsettling, as Haibara senses a very dangerous member of Black Org, somebody she says is more frightening than Pisco was during the Black Org reunion case. The hard thing though is that with the hijackers, Jimmy cannot find the member of Black Org. Now, he has to find a way to save not just Haibara, but everyone else on board as well. Some after that case is resolved, Jimmy and the Junior League visit the home of a dog lover and notice that ever since the bus incident, Haibara has been feeling depressed. On the other hand, Haibara’s depression is not the only thing that ruins the peaceful atmosphere when a dog goes missing and its collar is found in the incinerator. Jimmy and the Junior Detective must now find the dog before it really taken from the premise. Finally, Jimmy receives an invitation to a party from Harley that celebrates the opening of a new restaurant. Things seem pretty peaceful, but after the owners, with the help of Rachel, create the letter K with room lights, everybody hears a gunshot and finds a journalist dead. Although the owners have solid alibis, Harley still suspects one of them and Jimmy does want to believe it. Now, Jimmy must either prove their innocence or side with Harley before the killer can get away.

I liked this volume a lot. The case at the beginning finally revealed something that many people, including the Junior Detective League in the second movie, even though none of the movies are canon, have wondered. However, it is not really that important to know, so those who have been wondering why Meguire never takes his hat off would be pleased. On the other hand, that pales into comparison in how it was revealed. The action was all on everybody searching for Serena, but before the culprit could do anything to her Meguire cones to the rescue. Who says that cops are all bad people? After all, I kind of sympathize with Meguire in being involved in a case that was similar to another one he handled. However, I could not really see how he could have done well in this case, due to the fact that his emotions were kind of overtaking him when he remembered that earlier case. I’m not too sure what the police in real life would have done, but I certainly do not want somebody that has an emotional involvement with the current predicament coming up with strategies and such. On the other hand, I am glad that his emotions did not hinder his ability to find and rescue Serena. As for the bus hijacking case, I would have say that is the best case in the volume. Since Haibara became scared when Jodie and Araide came on the bus. The suspense of who was the Black Org member got me thinking that Jodie could possibly be Vermouth. At the same, as I already read volume 42 before this, I already knew who Vermouth was disguised as, but could not really see evidence of it in this case. I was also curious about who was monitoring Jimmy’s actions and letting the hijackers know. There were three suspects in the back, which included Akai, and I still had a difficult time figuring out who exactly was the third member, so that individual certainly was not obvious. On the other hand, the best part of this case, and pretty much whole volume is what Jimmy tells Haibara after jumping in to rescue her before the bus exploded. While sacrificing oneself for friends and all, I doubt that Agasa would be able to immediately pick up where Haibara left off, especially since Haibar and Jimmy need to make sure that people do not find out who are, which research notes, especially ones that are easy to understand, will certainly give away their identities. Also, nobody is even close to finding out the leader of Black Org, who would have to have some knowledge, even indirectly of the poison, so Haibara’s death would certainly further delay Jimmy in his desire to return to his real body. Another good part of the volume was the involvement of illegal drugs. Many series feature things involving drugs, but many of those are focused on solving crimes or mysteries. However, the case being a murder case, that was not the main focus of the investigation. When Jimmy confronts the murderer, who was definitely not so obvious in the case, he kicks something like he normally does and notes the diminishing abilities of that person. That is what happens when somebody smokes, drinks alcohol, or consumes illegal drugs. The person may feel great, but things like their mental and writing abilities, if they are a writer, and physical capabilities are affected. It also turns them into people they are not, thus making them feel miserable due to any number of possible outcomes, especially those that I mention in my review of A Life of Death. Because finding out about the drug use, I sympathize with Jimmy because he was disappointed in one of the people he thought highly of, but I certainly do not think that he should give up his love of soccer, since his kicking abilities are the main thing that keeps safe in case. I just find it funny how Rachel hoped that Conan was not like Jimmy though. After all, we, the audience, know that Jimmy and Conan are the same person. Although I was not much of a fan of the case involving a missing, Haibara was quite funny, though morbid. When hearing that the famous Marie Antoinette had a papillon and that the homeowner would be moving, she said she would take a papillon and hopes it dies in the same fashion as Marie’s dog after she dies. Haibara certainly sounded like a downer, but I just laughed since Haibara does not usually have the most light-hearted jokes in the world. I am pretty sure that parents would certainly not stand idly by if they heard their own child say the things she did. Of course, she was not depressed through the whole volume after the bus hijacking, so no there are not any morbid remarks made by Haibara that incident. Considering that the volume covers negative effects of illegal drugs and what they can do to our heroes and the excitement of the bus hijacking, I think this volume was pretty good.

Although I liked the book, there were some issues and/or things that annoyed me. First, half of the cases were not that interesting. In fact, the culprit in the case that even Meguire had something hide was obvious. This case does even involve any sort of dramatic irony, so the culprit should be obvious, which is certainly a downer for fans of mystery, detective, and crime fiction. Seriously, nothing is as annoying as being able to discover the culprit by the obvious. When people try to solve cases before the detective or police in fictional stories, I would think that they would not to do so because of evidence, not because of the obvious. The other case that I was not that impressed with, as I said earlier, was the case involving the missing dog. It was not a bad case, but it just did not really catch my interest as much as the one thing Haibara said while she was depressed. If that was all that was interesting, that certainly does not seem like it would be a very interesting case, even if the person behind it all were not immediately obvious. The fact that the volume had half of its cases that did not seem that interesting does put a damper, but it is just a minor annoyance, when compared to how obvious the culprit in the first case was to me.

Despite and obvious culprit and some uninteresting cases, the bus hijacking incident alone certainly made it worth my time to read.I would recommend this to fans of the Detective Conan (Case Closed) anime. As for fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction, I would still recommend this, but I doubt all the cases would be enjoyable since the culprit in one of the cases is obvious. As for everyone else, I still think that this series serves as a good introduction to detective, mystery, and crime fiction.

What are your thoughts on Case Closed Volume 29? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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