Book Review: Mockingjay

November 11, 2011


My sister has given me quite a few books to read and occupy my time. Some, I found on my own, but it is mostly her thinking of what I may or may not like. Through her, I was introduced to titles like The Uglies, Percy Jackson, The City of Ember, The Hunger Games, and other titles. I still have the three to read that I got from her last year for my birthday and Christmas, but I plan to get to them soon. Today though, I will be posting my review of one of the titles she introduced me to, namely the last in a series, which is called Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

I first got the book right around when it was released, but I let it go by the way side and somebody thought that I was spending too much time on a computer, which in some cases in not entirely my fault, but I am partially at fault no matter the scenario. However, that is just a personal matter and one that should not be brought up much, so I am not going further into it. At the same, I will say that I have done plenty reading after having got my iPad.

Mockingjay is the final installment of the Hunger games series, which follows Katniss Everdeen, a girl who lives a society that has risen from the ashes of our current society. However, things are not peaceful. The government frequently holds events that put children in a stadium for the sole purpose of entertainment, much like what we think the Roman Coliseum was meant for in ancient times. Only one child out 24 or so survived the bloodbath of each event. Katniss participated in two, one of which was a special event only held so often, like the Olympics of our time. Because of her actions in both events, she unintentionally started a revolutionary war and is now part of the rebels, not knowing whom to trust.

I really enjoyed how action packed this book seemed, but that is to be expected as the book is focusing on a war, instead of an event where children kill each other in a battle to the last man standing. Katniss does seem to acknowledge a bit of her own weaknesses, as well as spontaneously perform kind act, although it is supposedly not in her nature. She did indeed have some suspicions of both sides and handled possible betrayal, by the rebel leader, pretty well. The book had pretty good moments of action and acts of kinds, but nothing like the original books.

While the first two books were good, although I had to finish the second via audiobook because I lost the printed version, I did not think that this was strong entry. Then again, almost no series has a decent ending, which is why I do not usually write series, even though I set my books in the same timeline as others and have recurring characters between books, though are not main characters anymore. The things that really took this book down for me were the fact that there were places that should have had commas, instead of periods because they were denoting a list of items. People expect these traditionally published books to be good, but this is another I came across that had these problems. I will admit editors and proofreaders are not perfect, even my own, which is why I edit my manuscripts myself, after getting feedback from the proofreader, as I might have a better change in mind than they suggest. There are things my proofreader and I miss, but like any other book, the errors are usually at an acceptable level. However, the thing that really took down this title was that Katniss always seemed to be switching between Gale and Peeta, much like what many other reviewers online complained about. I also did not care much about the ending. It was not bad or anything, just not satisfying. Katniss never really seemed to at peace with Peeta by her side, but it would probably be no different with Gale, especially since they participated in a war right up to end and suffered atrocities at the hands those that were overthrown. It does not take down the book a whole lot either though. The main that really took this down was the fact that Katniss never really settled on either Peeta or Gale throughout the book.

With only the fact that Katniss could not settle on a single person, I cannot say that this title is one I cannot recommend. The book certainly did a good job of entertaining me, so I would definitely recommend it based on entertainment value.

What is your opinion of this book? Does my review cover it pretty well? Feel free to comment.

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