Book Review: Negima! Volume 33

March 1, 2012


Well, another month passes. Funny thing though is that my watch said yesterday was Mar. 1. Anyway, I finished the three books I received recently from Barnes & Noble. Today, I will be reviewing the third book, which is called Negima! Magister Negi Magi Volume 33 by Ken Akamatsu.

As I already went over a series synopsis in the review for the previous volume, I will not go over it again.

In this volume, Negi and company make it to the Gravekeeper's Palace. However, before they can even get their feet in the door, a girl they think is Zazie Rainyday, a classmate that has pretty much never said a word throughout most of the story, meets them. This girl sends them into a dream-like world that caters to their desires, in order for the victim to feel nothing but happiness. This world is called Cosmo Entelekheia, which is also the same name of the group that Negi's party is fighting, as well as the one that Negi's father fought more than a decade ago. Later, each member of Negi's party comes back to reality, with the exception of two, who were not really affected by what the girl did. With Negi being the first, he reveals who the girl really is to the others and tells Fate, who is watching the scene unfold, that he is coming.

As I said in the review of the last volume, the releases are not far behind from where I actually am in the series, but I still enjoyed these chapters. Things are still progressing like a video game, which is even explicitly stated in the dialogue. The funny about this that it seems like everyone who is or looks like a middle schooler has been playing video games. It is not unusual because boys tend to play a lot of video games in their younger days. I know I did, but I only remember systems, that I have actually played on, as far back as the Super Nintendo, though I have encountered the first gen Nintendo console available to the US. What is weird is that not very many girls play video games, but most of the cast in this story is made up of female characters, in all areas a character can belong to in a story. Not only is most of the cast female but also the Zazie look alike is essentially a demon and does not live in either the magic world or the human world, by her words, yet says she is of final boss class. There is nothing wrong with this, but the idea of demons having access to video games outside the worlds we know about in this story is hilarious. The second thing that is funny, and AstroNerdBoy points this out in his review of one of the chapters, is that the two that were not affected by what the Zazie look alike did because they are content with their current situation. However, one of those two strongly claims that she prefers her old life. I have heard of people denying the obvious before, but that does not take away how funny the situation is at present. Much of what is good about this volume is the fact that is are many things that are pretty funny.

Although the series is coming to an end soon (Japan only has two more chapters remaining), I cannot really find anything that bad. I thought I saw another instance of a suffix definition list, but I cannot find it now. I am glad though that the translation notes do not discuss any suffixes though, so I cannot hold this against the book, like I have for the Cage of Eden releases. However, that does not change the fact it is not for newcomers to manga, unless I can find the suffix definition list again that I thought I saw.

What are your opinions of Negima! Volume 33? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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