Last Days of Borders

July 29, 2011


Today, this post will be the last post for July. I will be busy compiling posts into an ebook format. However, for now, I will get into the topic for today, which is just a personal post.

Recently, there has been news and emails have confirmed that Borders book store is going out of business. I had the opportunity last week to go and get something, but I waited until this week. Borders was the store that got me into manga, Japanese comics, which are not always for kids, which is the stereotype for pretty much all comics and cartoons in the country where I live. This was the place where I got my first manga, Dragon Ball Z, which was coincidentally also my first exposure to Japanese anime (I had seen the anime way before reading the manga). I was also introduced to the Detective Conan manga series at borders, which was another title I first encountered as an anime. With Borders closing, it brings back memories.


Borders was definitely not the closest book store to me. That title goes to Barnes & Noble, which is likely to see some growth due to Borders' demise. The thing was nice about borders though was the fact that I could get their card for free. The card they gave provided users essentially a system of every dollar spent, not including tax, equaled a point, but it was only for qualifying purchases. Each time a user spent $150 dollars within a calendar month, they got $5.00 in store credit for the following month.

Barnes & Noble, on the other hand, did not have a system like that. Barnes & Noble demanded a monthly payment, which would allow their card members to get discounts off of products. It was not something that I could justify, since I hardly spent $250 or so on books every month, since the fee was $25.month. So, I was practically getting a better deal with Borders.

Unfortunately, the card that I have with me is now useless, since an employee said that although the company was supposed to shut down in September, which is the last month of Summer for the Northern Hemisphere, the stores would officially close once they deplete their stock. I'm not sure right now whether I want to through away my Borders card now or to hold on to if for the memories. A useless card probably will not do me any good.

Fortunately, not everything is bad about the close of Borders. I got a pretty good deal for my purchases, which were Blood+: First Kiss and Negima! Magister Negi Magi. I would have paid about $21.56 for the two books, but I got them for only $17.24. Not bad of price difference and I did not even need a coupon, considering that this was a going out of business sale.

Hopefully, a new store will come and provide as good an experience as Borders did. After all, when one business fails, another will rise from the ashes.

Goodbye Borders, you brought me some good titles and your membership card was way better than Barnes & Noble.

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