More Storage is Better

Things have been somewhat aggravating the past few days, huh?

As many have noticed, this place was inaccessible for quite a few days and went in and out numerous times.

Unfortunately, no matter what I did, I could not fix things in a good manner of time, so I had to find a new remedy.

With everything back up now, I can at least resume with business here at last.

Recently, a family member of mine started up an interesting topic, when I was looking at get a new computer, since my current one is getting old enough that parts are not going to be so easy to find, about storage capacity and getting enough to meets one’s needs right now or getting enough to cover future needs.

Seeing as it has been a while since the last time I talked about anything related to the computer and technology world, I thought that I would talk about my views on the topic here.

When people who are not really that savvy with computers go out to look for computers, they tend to try to pick the cheapest that they can find, which has very minimal space, inadequate amount of RAM, and hardware that is not really that decent, especially since things progress so quickly in the computer world that things that we can buy in stores or online are pretty much already obsolete.

Now, this may not be too much of a problem for some people, but shopping by this methodology of price first and future needs second is not always going to work out for the long term, which is very important, considering that we get more out of our computers these days that we have in the past.

For example, the Windows 10 virtual machine I setup to play around with the operating system and used when I reviewed it, has a 40 GB capacity (roughly 37.25 GB in the binary system) alotted to it and it now has less than 10 GB left, despite the fact that I use it mainly for my iTunes needs and to play a few games that are not resource-intensive, with the files pertaining to the former being deleted when they are no longer needed.

Seeing as I have less than 10 GB left on it, that means that I used up pretty much all of my space with practically nothing but a few things that I wanted to check out, test, or need, that means thing will only get worse from here on out.

Right now, many of you are probably wondering why I do not just allot more space to my virtual machine, but there are risks involved in doing that and I recently upgraded my computer’s hard drive from 500 GB, which translates to half a TB in the decimal system, but not quite half in the binary system, to a 1 TB drive and it only has a little less than 200 GB left, so giving more space to my virtual machine is going to start taking up more space on my computer.

Not only is the virtual machine taking up space, but I a ton of video that ranges from maybe 100-300 MB or so in size all the way to 900 MB to 3 or so GB, which all varies between SD and HD video, as well as quite a few other items.

While this may not seem so trivial in an era where terabyte hard drives, whether they be solid state or the old HDD technology, is the norm, things will only get worse with the coming of video with 4K resolution or better, which may take up much more space than the commonly used 720P and 1080P resolutions, and games that seem like they would not take up too many resources are already taking up more than 2 GB of storage by themselves.

With this kind of trend going on, getting computers based on price first makes very little sense in my eyes, as well as those that know their way through the computer world.

With this in mind, people will be asking what they should be looking for in a computer.

The answer, at least in my eyes, is quite simple. Look for a computer with at least double the amount that the computer has, though more is definitely preferable, and allows you to upgrade the components when necessary, which the retina laptops from Apple computers will not allow, compared to the non-retina laptops they sold before.

By getting at least double the amount of storage capacity of one’s current computer, a person would be able to put more things on it without running into problems and still have some room to expand when a person’s needs change.

Now, you guys may be wondering why can one not just use the cloud, but there are big problems with that, including the privacy issues that bother many people now.

Let us say that you have some music stored in DropBox or any other service and you want to listen to them.

While you can theoretically listen to the music any time you want on any of your devices, since people now have more than one device that can connect to the Internet, you cannot do so in reality because all of those services require both the user and the server to have an Internet connection.

Without an Internet connection, you only have access to whatever is on your device and you cannot really find an alternative place to use instead, especially when you are in an area where not even your cell can get Internet access, whereas if the server lost its connection to the Internet, you can still use other services, in addition to what is on your phone.

Then again, in homes and offices, things will not necessarily stop working altogether, since anything that you do yourself is still available on the LAN.

In order to really have access to the things you want, you need to store the files locally and that cannot be done without an adequate amount of space.

Once you determine a good amount of storage capacity, then you can look at customer reviews, other specs, and price, in order to help make a decision on getting a new computer that will last a long time.

What are your thoughts on storage capacity? Do you think people should get only what they need or do you think that people should plan for the future, like I do? Feel Free to comment.

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