New Story Excerpt

It certainly has been a while, huh?

Well, I kind of ran low on funds quickly last month and nothing really caught my eye in the anime scene right now, at least that I would want to cover, so I have just been waiting on titles I ordered a while back.

In the mean time, I have been working on a new story, and since I have not shared any stories I have written on the Internet, or even here, I thought that I would share a few chapters of what I have.

Today, I will be posting content from the first chapter of this currently unnamed story, which will start right now.

Sitting there in silence, cars ran past the restaurant window in each direction, while my friend and I just watched.

Things were not going that well in my life and I needed a breather before the class field trip that had been scheduled to take place tomorrow.

The restaurant itself was just an average fast food in terms of both the menu available and the kind of seating that could be found, with the counter and menu quite noticeable upon first entrance, so that people would know where to go to place their order.

My friend and I were seated in booth located approximately 10 feet away from door, which was made of glass or some kind of other transparent substance that is also normally found on buildings meant for fast food and had a silver frame.

Is the food not that good, Elizabeth? I heard my friend ask me, most likely noticing that I had hardly taken a bite to eat.

I just continued to look out towards the traffic, ignoring his question, even though I knew he was only asking out of curiosity, not to make fun of me.

Instead, I just rested my head against my hand and went over what had happened over the last few days, right up until that jerk took the boy of my dreams right from under me, despite the fact that I had given off every kind of trick imaginable to get him to notice me.

That JERK! She calls me a friend and takes the boy I like from me! That is not what friends do to each other! I yelled out, most likely gaining the attention of everyone else in the restaurant, as I felt like there were a ton of people looking my way.

He chose to be with her instead of you, Elizabeth. He was not yours begin with. Also, just like men are not supposed to wait around for the girl of their dreams to come to them, you cannot expect the boy you like to just come up to you and tell you he likes you. As the one with the strong feeling towards him, you should have approached him first telling him outright, my friend replied in a way that seemed like he knew everything about this world.

Upon hearing that, I looked at him, and noticed that he had an expression that he was analyzing me the entire time. His green eyes gave off an aura that said that he would not back down from his statement too easily, but, in all honesty, he was quite weak emotionally, much like many of the other men out there in the world, despite the fact that they try to hide their emotions from the people in their lives, but I just did not really want to let this one go.

As much as I wanted to lash out at him for not understanding how the world really works, I decided that it was not worth making things worse, and sighed, before digging into the burger that I had purchased that day.

My friend and I just sat there in continued silence, hoping that the other customers would finally mind their own business, instead of causing me even further embarrassment than what I had already experienced so far.

After a few moments, I noticed my friend, who was wearing a black, unbuttoned shirt over a plain, white t-shirt, make a strange expression after he had taken a sip of his drink and sat it back down, in order to take a bite.

Does your drink taste weird, Tom? I noticed that you gave off a strange expression, I asked him, seeing as he put up with things too much, instead of trying to escalate things further.

It does not taste right. Something seems to be missing, he replied.

Let me have a taste, I said, as I took his cup from him and replace his straw with mine, in order to see if I could determine the missing ingredient.

Tom looked at me, puzzled, as if he was not really expecting me to try and fix the problem of why his soda of why his soda tasted weird.

Upon sucking on the straw, I noticed that the drink tasted more like ordinary carbonated water, and not the kind of soda that Tom usually got when we ate out somewhere like we did today.

After swallowing, I let Tom know that the drink was mostly like missing the corn syrup and that I would be back with a new drink.

A few minutes after I let an employee at the fast food restaurant that one of their drink was missing corn syrup, I arrived back at the table where Tom and I were seated, and put his straw back in his drink.

That tastes much better, Elizabeth. Thanks, Tom said with a big smile across his face, after trying the new serving of his drink.

No problem. You should have told me sooner though, because I would have not done anything if I had not noticed in the first place.

You seemed to still be angry over not getting the boy you wanted and were going to unleash that wrath on me, Tom replied, with a sad look in his eyes that seemed to be like that of a child who is afraid that you do not like or love them.

Upon seeing his face, I got up from where I was seated and sat down next to him.

I probably would have, but then, your parents would not be particularly happy with me if I had, especially since they asked me to take good care of you while we are on the class trip to the mountains tomorrow. Still, no matter how mad I may seem, I would not really refuse to help you with something that is troubling you, I said, after putting an arm around him and placing his head on my shoulder.

In response, he embraced me tightly, before telling me that he was happy to hear me say that.

After we released each other, I got up and returned to my side of the table.

However, before I could get myself situated, I suddenly felt like there was somebody with ill intent watching Tom and I while we were enjoying ourselves.

When I looked around though, I could not really see anything that could confirm my suspicions, since the only other people there were going about their business as usual.

Why am I getting this strange sensation right now? Is somebody really targeting Tom, I, or both of us? I cannot let Tom notice anything yet.

Trying not to raise Tom’s suspicions, I sat back down in my seat very calmly with a face that expressed that everything was just fine, as much as I knew that it was not.

Thankfully, Tom and I were able to finish eating our food and leave the establishment without too much fuss.

However, that did not mean that Tom and I were in the clear just yet, because it is much harder to notice things out on the street.

Knowing that we had been walking for quite a while and Tom was probably nearing his limit, since he had a limp because of his medical history and another condition that led to him to become easily fatigued, I walked slow enough towards the traffic lights that he would not need to struggle to keep up with me.

While deep in thought about what had just happened, and moving towards the traffic lights that would allow us to reach the stop for the bus we needed to get back home, I felt a hand tugging at the sleeve of my shirt.

When I turned around, I saw Tom with an expression that suggested that he had been trying to get my attention for some time.

Seeing his desperate expression, I asked, “What do you need? We are almost at the light to cross the street, so we can rest there, if that is on your mind.”

You have been acting strangely, Elizabeth. After you hugged me, you seemed to notice something around us, he answered, using the same tone of voice that he had used when he told me that it was my fault that the boy of my dreams did not choose me.

I replied, You must be imagining things, because nothing happened.

Obviously, that was a lie, but I could not have Tom figure out that there was something strange going on, despite the fact that he has been keenly aware so far of what has been happening.

What are you trying to hide, Elizabeth? I know what I saw back that there.

Not wanting Tom to dig any further into things, I just continued on walking, but things just kept getting more weird with the awkward silence between us, because I knew that Tom was trying to figure out what was going on without even looking at his face.

After a few minutes of walking and finally crossing the street, Tom and I arrived a bus stop that had a silver bench located inside of a silver structure that was in the shape of what one would expect from splitting a hexagon perfectly in half, which had ads on both the left and right sides, no matter whether one was looking out into the street from the stop or looking from the street right at the stop.

Without saying a word, Tom took a seat on the bench, as I stood there and watched the traffic pass by in both direction, so as to not miss the bus when it came to our stop.

After a few minutes of watching, somebody tried to get my attention and offered to let me have their seat, which I accepted, even though I was perfectly fine standing watch for the bus.

As the minutes ticked on by, neither Tom nor I said a word to each other and I turned my head towards the sky, hoping that the feeling that I had gotten earlier was nothing more than a figment of my imagination.

Some time later, a brown, double-decker bus came into view, and everyone, except for myself was standing up, in order to make sure the driver knew that there were people present at the stop.

When Tom and I got on the bus and slide our passes through the machine, we looked around for the first available seats out of dozens that seemed to be made of leather that were either situated vertically again the bus walls or in the normal horizontal fashion that one would find on school buses.

There were also a few people standing, holding onto straps hanging from the ceiling, but it was not terribly crowd at this point of our journey back home.

Finally, after taking a few moments to look around, Tom and I took some seats that were located against the wall of the bus and started talking about random things, so that the sense of danger that I had been feeling for some time would leave my mind and make it easier for me to hide my suspicions from Tom.

However, the thing that would not leave my mind so easily was that Tom had got an inkling that I was hiding something from him, which made me realize that if I slipped up at any point, he would pick it up.

As per usual, the bus stopped to let people on and off every so often, but at one particular stop, there were more people getting on than off that pretty much all of the seats were taken up.

A few moments after the bus pulled away from that stop, which was one of the more usual kind of bus stop, which featured neither a bench nor a covering, a woman that had to be in her early forties looked over to where Tom and I were seated with an angry glare.

Why are you still sitting there? You’re a man, and, as such, you should be giving up your seat to people who really need it, not sitting there without a care in the world, she chastised Tom.

Infuriated by what I was hearing, and knowing that Tom and I had been walking around on the streets quite a bit today, I glared back at the woman and angrily remarked, What gives you any right to talk to my friend like that?

Honey, men are lazy pigs that think that they can do whatever they wanted. When I was young, men were expected to give their seats to women, children, and the elderly. They do not remember their place in society, the woman answered me, showing that she was disgusted by the fact that I was the one to lash out against her.

Men today may not be the gentlemen or as chivalrous as they were when you were young, but that does not give you any right to chastise my friend, especially when you know nothing about what his struggles are in his life. If you want a seat, you can have mine, I said, as I tried getting out of my seat.

No, sit back down, young lady. The one who needs to get up from their seat is the boy sitting next to you.

With some bit of reluctance, Tom started to get up from his seat, but I placed my arm in front of him, and replied, If you do not want my seat, then leave my friend alone.

Upon hearing that, the woman gave off a sigh and gave up trying to take my friend’s seat from him.

Things remained silent on the bus from the that point on and people just minded their own business, like usual.

After a few more stops, many of the people cleared off, and one person that looked like a stereotypical drug addict and/or homeless bum got on, who was giving me a weird vibe, as if he would eventually do something before Tom and I arrived at the stop that would get us both home.

As the bus departed that particular spot, the man who had just gotten on pulled a handgun that had a black barrel and silver butt out of his pocket.

The shape and size of the opening on the gun seemed to suggest that it fired 9-millimeter rounds.

The man then proceeded to the front of the bus and aimed his gun, whose black hammer had already been pulled back, at the driver, and said something inaudible, at least from where I was seated.

Noticing the commotion, Tom was about to get out off his seat, until I saw somebody looking straight out at the rest of the passengers, as if he or she wanted whatever was happening right now to continue on impeded.

At that moment, I grabbed on to Tom, and I quietly told him to stay where he was.

He looked at me sternly and asked in reply, If I don't do this, Elizabeth, people are going to die. Do you want that to happen?

Seeing that he was being stupid, I slapped him and quietly, but angrily, answered, Are you stupid? Our bus was hijacked and the person in front of us is not our only enemy. Besides, with the way your health and body are right now, you are not going to last very long, even if this is the kind of thing society would normally expect from a male.

What are you talking about?! I have lived with the state that my body is for at least a little over a decade, and the other problem you are talking about has been stabilized for about a few years now. How is that–

Before Tom could finish what he was saying, a man that was about five feet and eight inches tall and appeared to be in his mid- to late twenties and wearing a black hoodie, with the hood pulled up, suddenly walked towards us.

Looking up at the individual, I got the feeling that he enjoyed nothing more than watching people suffer, and his brown eyes, which were more visible than his face, gave off a message saying that we were getting in the way.

In the awkward silence between us, I saw this evil person raise his right hand, which held a gray, 45 caliber pistol, that I had not seen until now, towards Tom.

Knowing that he was going to die, if I did not do anything, I pushed Tom back into his seat and put myself between the gun’s barrel and him, just before our assailant pulled the trigger.

A few moments later, I heard a sound that would have been similar to what fireworks sounded like and blood started to spew out from my stomach.

After the first shot, the shooter then forced me to ground and aimed the gun point-blank at my head and fired again.

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