Anime Review: Spice & Wolf 2

As promised, although later than I was planning, here is another post. Awhile back, I got a DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack from Best Buy. I don’t really get all this excitement over the BD format, since everything is essentially going digital now. For right now, I view it only as a useful backup medium. However, today’s […]


This is the second month that I neglected the blog, and right after I saiid that I would do better this month. Well, I’ll try to make a post soon. However, we’ll make do with this. This weekend was a real shocker. Today’s post will be discussing it. Yesterday, there was a golf Tournament held […]

Book Review: Bloody Monday Volume 1

It certainly has been a while since I have done a book review, huh? I was at Barnes & Noble today and I picked up three titles. Today, I will be posting my review of one of those titles, which is called Bloody Monday. As this is the first volume in the series, I hope […]

Quit Facebook

Recently, I have decided to drop Facebook for personal social networking. Many changes have occurred and one of those changes recently bugged me. Today, I will be talking about the change that made me give up. When I originally got into Facebook, it seemed pretty interesting and it did help reconnecting with old friends. It […]

Recovering Sims 3 Content

It looks like I have not updated this blog in a while. Well, I recently got, The Sims 3: Ambitions expansion pack and have been playing that a lot. I’ll probably be better about this blog next month. Today’s post deals with this game, but it is not a review. Remember in an earlier post […]

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