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August 9, 2011


I was going to wait to post this, but I changed my mine. I arrived in San Diego two days. Today, which I probably will consider the third day, I went with my family to the San Diego Zoo. Unlike our trip to La Jolla, this was actually very enjoyable. Unfortunately, I was worn out at the end of our visit.

Before getting to the zoo, my brother-in-law and I passed through what he called the gay part of San Diego, due to the rainbow colored flags, which I thought was pretty funny. Unfortunately, I did not capture any photos on the way to the zoo.


When we did arrive at the zoo, we checked out a few exhibits. First, we saw some birds, which were okay. I could not see very many birds, but I did notice a bird that looked similar to an owl.

After the birds, we went to see the outback area, which housed koalas and wombats. One of them looked fake, due to no movement, but it eventually did move.

We also visited the Urban Jungle, which is where the opening image came from. The animals there were interesting, but the Rhino's pen smelled bad.

By that time, I was kind of exhausted and decided to go with my brother-in-law and nephew to the guided tour bus. I was also accompanied by my mother. The bus took us around all of the exhibits and we decided to visit the Panda exhibit, home of the San Diego Zoo's mascot, and the polar bear exhibit. I say the panda is the mascot because almost every sign of the San Diego Zoo or image associated with it features the infamous Chinese panda bear. The tour itself was enjoyable, but nothing except for the polar bear exhibit was visible from my side of the bus. So, anyone who wants to take the guided tour, take a seat on the right side of the bus, if you want to see all of the action.

Some time after the guided bus tour, we finally went to the panda bear exhibit, which was, sadly, a let down. I would have liked some decent shots, but very few pandas were roaming around.


Finally, we ended our trip at the polar bear exhibit, which was certainly interesting. One of the bears was lying in the middle of the water, like it was dead. Of course, the most interesting part came at the time that the image was taken. The bear was on a rock and seemingly was fighting with something that I'm not too sure what it was, but it was interesting enough to take an image.

When we headed out, we took the skyfrai, which had a good view of the zoo, especially a tower that was famous for being the most photographed thing in the Zoo.

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