October 17, 2011


This is the second month that I neglected the blog, and right after I saiid that I would do better this month. Well, I'll try to make a post soon. However, we'll make do with this. This weekend was a real shocker. Today's post will be discussing it.

Yesterday, there was a golf Tournament held by the Ryan Kendall Iverson Foundation. It is a foursome type tourney where each player hits an individual ball and they choose the best shot to play off next. There is also a maximum of two putts allowed on each hole. It was fun, but I only completed half of 18 holes. I guess that I did not have the stamina to do it all. the course had 27 holes though, so not everyone had the same set, like it is in many PGA tournaments.

Once it was over, there was a luncheon with some pretty good food, which was followed by a raffle.

The prizes included:

  • a Kindle
  • some golf bags
  • some golf clubs
  • a PS3
  • 2 second generation iPads

I was interested in the Kindle, PS3, and iPad 2. However, the latter was much more intriguing, as I did not have an iOS device anymore to test iPhone apps, as my iPod Touch died from lack of use.

As time went on, I got discouraged by the fact that my tickets were not being called often, since I had so far only gotten a pink golf bag. After all, many other people got the desirable prizes.

Finally, my number got called for the last item, which was the last iPad 2. I would want to say that I typed this up on that very iPad, but actually, I exchanged it at Apple for two iPads. my brother-in-law got a 32 GB model and I got the 64 GB model, which I am using currently using to type up this post. However, I was bombarded with pictures and people wanting to trade me for it. I would have traded for a PS3, if it supported PS2 games, which it does not, though.

If there was anything to learn from this post, at least for me, it is that no matter the current situation, do not give up so easily.

What are your thoughts? Were you ever reminded to not give up?

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