2013 New Years' Resolution

December 31, 2012

2012 is coming to a close and people are probably thinking of things that they wanted to change. In a post from last year, wrote down some goals I had in. Goals are supposed to make us all better people by strengthening our weakness and cutting out important. Because of this fact, I will take a look at my goals from last year and depending on how I did, I will set up some new ones.

Last year, things preoccupied my time a lot that needed trimming and there were also some stuff that cropped up that were annoying. As a result, I came up with the following goals:

  • Close Facebook account
  • Regularly update blog
  • Move away from Lulu

Let us take a look at how I did starting with the goal to close my facebook account. I was somewhat successfully closed my account and never bothered with it again. The annoying e-mails stopped and I was able to focus on being active on Google+, which I specifically stated I would be in a post from last year.

Unfortunately, I ultimately failed to achieve this goal because in August 2012, I upgraded to Mountain Lion and decided to test out the Facebook feature, which meant I had to recreate my Facebook account. After all, people just do not seem to even stop asking me things that could be figured out either via quick searches through one's favorite search engine or just exploring the platform. This is how I was able to have in depth analysis on the various things my class on social media had to deal with, except for RSS/ATOM feeds because I already had experience making podcast feeds and OPDS catalog. Although I have no problem avoiding Facebook right now, my annoyance started up again because people just do not take advantage of the subscription feature that is supposed to be kind of like following on Google+. After all, I only opened it for testing purpose and was going to close it again when I was done testing the Mountain Lion feature.

Because I ultimately failed, I am putting it back on the list. Do people not realize how annoying friend request are? I only did a few, so I could make sure things worked, but I just got flooded again. Fortunately, it was only by blood relatives and their mutual friends.

Next, we come to regularly update blog. Unlike my last goal, I have indeed accomplished this goal and went from a total of about 53 posts to over 200. There is not a single month that I see with less than 4 posts, which probably makes you all somewhat happy.

However, the fact that my blog has been more active this year than last has caused some negative side effects. First, my sixth book has been on hiatus for much of the year. I was not putting enough time into the manuscript that my fans on WattPad only got updates to the story once every quarter.

Of course, the frequency of blog updates was not the only thing slowed down progress on my sixth book. Back in January, I had to put down my dog that had been there for the entire duration of my high school and college years. As a result, I was not really in the mood to get much writing done.

When I was ready to get things going again though, after I had posted my review of FUNimation's first season of Detective Conan (Case Closed), I lost my only remaining grandfather and things got stalled again.

As I was able to accomplish my goal, though it came at the cost of my other writing, I will make a new goal of at least releasing one more title next year, especially since the web address in the previous five books are out-of-date and I can only update the ebook versions quickly (I purchase proof copies of all my books in order to check formatting and how easy things are to read on the front and back covers during the making of print editions).

Finally, we come to my goal to move away from Lulu. This one has been a complete and utter failure. None of my books have ISBNs, save for the electronic versions that got submitted to Smashwords and ended up on the iBookstore, which I hope are DRM-free like my B&N; and Amazon ebook listings. Due to this fact, there was not really anybody that would take me without spending the $200 or so, at the time, necessary to get a block of ISBNs.

On the bright side, I have learned how to do one-piece cover designs, which I check in addition to the formatting of the interior of the print editions of my books, and Lulu has so far not submitted any more books that Smashwords has already distributed to the iBookstore nor that I have added myself to B&N.; Because of my studies for my degree, I really hate redundancy of data that occurs with the same ebook being submitted more than once. As a result, I am willing to stay with Lulu longer and will give up on this goal.

While I was somewhat successful with the majority, I still ultimately failed. However, the negative impact of the most successful, as well as the failure of an important one has given me the following goals:

  • Close Facebook account
  • release at least one book some time in 2013

What are your thoughts on these goals? Do you have any of your own for 2013? Feel free to comment.

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