Anime Review: A Certain Scientific Railgun S Episode 11

June 23, 2013


Now that I finished covering FUNimation's third season of Detective Conan (Case Closed), I am glad that I can finally focus on the simulcast that I decided pick up, since it can be difficult to deal with multiple series at once. Today, I will be reviewing A Certain Scientific Railgun S episode 11.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


Just when Misaka thought that things have finally come to an end, she encounters another one of her clones, which tells her that the Level 6 Shift project has still continued, despite Misaka's efforts to destroy the facilities involved.


I am not too sure about this one. I liked seeing a flashback of how Accelerator got involved in the experiment to begin with. It showed that Accelerator was not the cold-blooded killer that he appeared to be when we first got introduced to him. As a result, I do not really hate Accelerator too much. Of course, I would pretty much prefer following Accelerator to following Touma any day of week anyway. I also liked how Misaka was shocked by the revelation that the Level 6 Shift project was not stopped. As I have said on my blog many times before, assumptions are not really a good thing, as they blind us from the truth. Yes, the Railgun series is not like those series where I stated that fact, but here we get a good illustration of why assumptions are bad. Because of the events that happened, as well as finding out that Tree Diagram was destroyed, in the previous episode, Misaka thought the experiments were over. I will admit that I probably also think that the experiments have ended, if I had not seen A Certain Magical Index. Still, this shows that the people behind the Level 6 Shift project did not rely on Tree diagram, outside of calculations. I also liked seeing Misaka talking with the clone that just appeared. While it was pretty much the same as it was in the manga, I thought that I could sympathize with Misaka more in this episode. I could understand why she said what she did, especially since Misaka 9982's death seemed to affect Misaka quite a bit, and I could actually feel that she did not really want the clone to leave. After all, we do say things that we do not mean. Outside of that, I cannot really think of anything else that I liked. The fact that we get to see how Accelerator got involved in the Level 6 Shift project and that the project has not been stopped, as well as the fact that I seemed to sympathize with Misaka more in this episode than in the manga, did provide some good.


Although there were things that I liked, there are certainly some issues. First, this episode did not really seem that interesting to me. Yes, it could be that I am not a fan of Touma and many scenes that were shown did occur in A Certain Magical Index. On the other hand, I think that it had to do with the fact that not much happened. Pretty much all we found out was that the Level 6 Shift project has not stopped and we finally see Touma getting involved, which was obviously going to happen because this is the first arc where Magical Index and Scientific Railgun cross paths. Another thing that I did not like so much was that things that I thought were going to be funny, like Kuroko thinking that Saten was right that Misaka had a boyfriend, was not really that funny. Yes, there were some funny scenes in this episode, but I think that that particular scene was actually funnier in the manga. I had high hopes for the handling of this anime, considering how things have been going, but this kind of disappoints me. Pretty much all of the fights that happened were better than they were manga, but they could not do the same for something that was supposed to be funny? I know, there are not a whole lot of things that everyone will find funny, so I guess I can only call this an annoyance. Other than that, I cannot really think of anything that bugged me, since things still seem to be following the manga faithfully. While I was kind of disappointed about one particular scene, the fact that the episode seemed to be dull is what really hurt this episode.

Despite the fact that there are some nice things, the negative outweighed it enough that the only reason to watch this is the fact that it does have some importance. I only recommend this to fans of A Certain Scientific Railgun.

What are your thoughts on A Certain Scientific Railgun S episode 11? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel to comment.

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