Anime Review: Boku Dake ga Inai Machi Episode 11


I hope everyone is doing well today.

I am kind of sad today. Not because of anything that was happening around me, but because the show I had been following since the beginning of 2016 is coming to an end soon, though, as a few people already know, it was supposed to be only twelve episodes long anyway.

Fortunately, nothing has kept me from being able to watch the show.

Today, I will be reviewing the penultimate episode of the show, which is Boku Dake ga Inai Machi episode 11.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


Fifteen years have past since Satoru learned that his teacher was the one behind everything, and Satoru was rescued before his death was certain.

Even though he survived, Satoru cannot seem to live a peaceful life because he has become famous among a large number of people and others keep questioning him about the events of 1988, which he does not remember.

Unfortunately for him, Yashiro, who has assumed a new identity, is still roaming the streets and he is plotting his next move.


I kind of liked this episode, though I cannot say I liked it as much as the other episodes.

I liked how there were no obvious problems with the video whatsoever.

As many of the people who have been reading my reviews know, the last few episodes have had times in which the video was not really that visible or some other problem like that, though it could have just been what Crunchyroll got.

However, while I was watching this episode, I did not notice any truly significant problems with the footage Crunchyroll had, though I am pretty sure that some experts in the animation industry would be ale to notice some flaws, since nothing that is made by mankind can ever be perfect.

As a result, I want to applaud A-1 Pictures for at least making some better effort in ensuring that the video quality was relatively decent, but how much effort they put in can only really be determined when, and if, this anime gets a DVD and/or Blu Ray release.

I also liked how things did not really seem to be slow during the course of this episode.

In the manga, before Satoru regained consciousness, which occurs in the last few pages of chapter 33, YashiroÔÇÖs past is explored and it is shown how SatoruÔÇÖs classmates find out what had happened to Satoru after Yashiro was confirmed to be the person Satoru was searching for all this time.

Here, however, A-1 Pictures decided to only cover a brief part of YashiroÔÇÖs past, at least enough to know that the nickname he gives Satoru has some significance, before doing something that feels like a montage right up to the point where we see Satoru awaken and start rehab.

While doing this does cause some problems in this episode, which I will talk about a bit later, it did not make things feel tedious as they did in the manga, such as having to go through the annoying flashback that should have been held for closer to the end, since the hanster and its name was the only thing important from the flashback.

Because it did help things feel like it was going at a more decent rate, I want to give A-1 Pictures a bit of praise, but not too much, as their decision did ultimately cause me to have some problems.

I also liked how Satoru lost his memories after finding out that his teacher was behind everything.

Even though this is another thing that the manga ultimately handled better than the anime, it was pretty believable.

After all, there are cases of amnesia that do occur after traumatic events in real life, and it is some found in quite a few fictional stories.

This made me really want to see how Satoru got his memories back and find out how Satoru had survived the events of the last episode.

Unfortunately, due to how this episode ended, and the next episode is the last, I kind of doubt that A-1 Pictures is going to explain how Satoru survived like Kei Sanbe did, even though not all of the final four chapters of the manga have been translated yet.

Taking this into account, I can only say that A-1 Pictures made a nice attempt.

The thing that caught my interest the most though was how quickly Yashiro appeared in front of Satoru.

Seeing as how things deviated quite a bit from the manga now, though a few things were kept the same, like how Hinadzuki married somebody other than Satoru and paid him a visit and the cameramen still ended up spying on Satoru, I not really surprised that A-1 Pictures took a different route.

After all, with how little Airi showed up in the anime, I highly doubt that she would be as important as she ended up being in the manga, especially considering that events that A-1 Pictures cut from the pilot episode ended up contributing to how important Airi was to Satoru.

However, since Yashiro was the one who saved Satoru from the cameramen, I am wondering what Yashiro has up his sleeve this time for Satoru, especially since Satoru got his memories back soon after meeting him again.

If I were in YashiroÔÇÖs shoes, I would have killed Satoru when he least suspected it, because I would not want him to ever regain his memories.

On the other hand, Yashiro just talks relatively calmly to Satoru right up until the point that Satoru finally says he has his memories back.

Considering that Yashiro has been doing things like he had in 1988 for quite some time, he must have some sort of plan, but I am not so sure what his plan will be, since Satoru confronted Yashiro much earlier than expected.

As a result, I kind of want to watch the next episode right now to find out, though I do not exactly have the kind of eagerness that makes me not want to wait out the week that I had gotten from earlier episodes.

Still, A-1 Pictures did do a pretty good job of moving things closer to an end, even if I kind of doubt that the manga ending will get adapted like promised at this point.

Outside of those things, I cannot really think of anything else that I particularly liked.

The fact that things did not really feel that tedious and the video quality seemed to be better, as well as the fact that A-1 Pictures set things up kind of well for the last episode, this was pretty entertaining.


Although I liked the episode there are some problems.

First, as much as I liked how A-1 Pictures did not waste time in showing how Satoru recovered from almost drowning, I hated how SatoruÔÇÖs memory loss was not really explored.

In the manga, when Satoru awakens, one of the first things he tries to figure out is why he has memories of things should not have and is unable to remember things that had happened just prior to him almost drowning.

While this is briefly touched upon in the episode, it is not enough to reestablish the mystery element of this series that had been lost in the previous episode.

Come on, A-1 Pictures! The manga ended before this episode aired, and you decide not to cover the events that lead to Satoru back into chasing after Yashiro?

Even though some scenes from the manga were cut out, there was still enough there to make Airi an important key to SatoruÔÇÖs memories.

Instead, I see Satoru talking on the roof and, without much hint of anything, he suddenly remembers that Yashiro is his enemy.

Yes, this show is relatively short, so things need to be cut out, but that does not mean that things can go unexplained or just cleaned up by a chance encounter with the person that made SatoruÔÇÖs childhood miserable.

This could have really been improved by seeing Satoru experience a headache, or even seeing the memories that he was trying to unlock come back to him.

Unfortunately, A-1 Pictures did not do this, and leads me to believe that they think that they can do whatever they want and fans of this series would like it.

As much as I hate to say it, because I have liked the show up until now, I do not see this ending as well as the manga does.

This is reminding me of how badly A Certain Scientific Railgun S ended once the Sisters arc finished up, and I thought that was going to be one of the best anime that had aired, much like I thought that this series was going to be much better than its manga.

Still, that does not mean that A-1 Pictures cannot redeem this series in the next episode.

The only thing that they have done was just something that will keep this anime from surpassing its original source.

I also did not like how how Satoru survived went unexplained.

Yes, I knew that he was going to survive because this series had twelve episodes, but that does not change the fact that I have no idea how Satoru survived, other than what the manga reveals.

In the manga, some time after Satoru awakens, we shown the contents of one of two files from Kenya that left for Satoru that explained what happened after Yashiro tired to drown him up until the point in which he finds himself in a bed and he reads both files after seeing Hinadzuki again.

Here, however, because of the issue I mentioned before, the files from Kenya never surfaced, though they might in the final episode, since the only memories Satoru would not have are of how he ended up in the hospital, though from what I have seen of the manga Satoru and Kenya seem to have one long conversation before things end, so it could be explained at that time.

Instead of exploring YashiroÔÇÖs past a bit, I would have really liked it if A-1 Pictures went through one of KenyaÔÇÖs files, much like the manga did, because things would make a bit more sense than what I had gotten from this episode.

Even though these sound bad enough as it is, it all contributes to what I hate the most about the episode.

I really hated how this episode ended.

While I am interested in finding out what Yashiro has up his sleeve, I do not really have a strong urge to find out what is about to come.

This is the penultimate episode of the series and it needs to make things interesting enough that I would want to head over to Japan and watch the next episode, though I would still end up having to wait a week, considering that it is already the 18th in Japan.

Unfortunately, as good as this show has been until now, my urge to watch the next episode is not as strong as it once was.

Really, A-1 Pictures? After the great work you did before, the quality of the episodes has really dropped when it should have kept going on strong.

I am not too sure any more that I would want to buy this on DVD or, if willing to spend the extra cash on a new external optical drive, Blu Ray, since not all of Anplex of AmericaÔÇÖs titles end up on iTunes.

Hopefully, things turn around in the final episode, because this series was at least better than Yoshiki TonogaiÔÇÖs Secret.

Other than that that, I cannot really think of anything else that I particularly hated.

While A-1 Pictures was able to do great work on this series, the fact that this episode failed to surpass the quality of the manga by leaving things unexplained and/or unexplored hurt this episode much more than the issues with other episodes.

Despite the fact that this episode was not entirely bad, as it had enough things for me to be able to enjoy the episode, the negatives, which are much more major than what seen in previous episodes, hurt the episode enough to make it only good enough to kill time.

I only recommend this to fans of Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, particularly those who have not read the manga, because things happened to finally start SatoruÔÇÖs final confrontation with Yashiro and the episode after this is the last one.

As for everyone else, I recommend avoiding this episode and start reading the manga from chapter 32 onwards, as things are better explained in the manga.

What are your thoughts on Boku Dake ga Inai Machi episode 11? Did you like it or hate it? If you hated it but liked the other episodes, do you think that this show still has the potential to outshine the original manga? Was there something that you liked or hated that went unmentioned? Feel free to comment.

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