Anime Review: Case Closed Episode 4

August 6, 2012


Things have so far been progressing smoothly. I found the solution to most of my issues to Mountain Lion when I published the last post, so there does not seem to be anything that would mess with my to maintain the blog. Anyway, I have so far gotten through three episodes with 120 more to go of the show I am currently covering. Today, I am going to review episode 4 of Detective Conan (Case Closed).

As I gave a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


Jimmy Kudo and his classmates from elementary school, as he was enrolled to keep his cover as Conan Edogawa, have gone to a museum exhibit. After seeing some interesting stuff and Jimmy tells them that much of the undiscovered treasure in the world is gold bullion, a piece of paper with simplistic drawings flies towards them. Jimmy's classmates think it is a treasure map but Jimmy doubts that possibility. However, others start tailing the group when they find the piece of paper. Is the paper really just a paper with drawings or is it a map? That is the question Jimmy and his friends must answer.


I enjoyed this episode. It is not really a murder case, but considering how the kids reacted last episode, I doubt that they could handle it at this point. In fact, I doubt normal kids could really stand the sight of a corpse and not run to a parent or elder sibling out of fear. I really liked how the episode covered that we do not really know everything when we first look at something. In the episode, Jimmy indulges the kids' desire to follow the treasure map and give them their first clue of the Tokyo Tower, which looks kind of like the Eiffel Tower to me. Of course, since TMS wanted this set in America, they do not state that is what was pictured. Once the get there, they start looking for the objects seen, but come up short. This was pretty much bound to happen, considering that they ignored one of the pictures. I guess this is one of the reasons a person needs to read the fine print, especially in a document that is hundreds of pages long. After all, not reading the fine print gives us more troubles that what we thought that we were told we would get. They do eventually get on the right track though, when Jimmy does take the moon into account. However, the funny part comes when the people tailing them catches up. What is so funny is that the kids were thinking of so many ways for their captors to kill them. With all the water-downed stories we read these days to kids, like the current versions of Snow White, Cinderella, and Beauty & the Beast, and the fact that cartoon characters do not really die in my country, I do not really think that kids would be able to think of things like that. Now, if they read the original versions of Snow White, Cinderella, or Beauty & the Beast, the latter of which is most difficult to find because my own searches have turned up two different versions with no word on which was the original, I could certainly believe that, since people supposedly did not really care to make stories that were kid-friendly, according to our current standards today, back in those times. People think I get quite violent in my own stories, but if the kids here could think of things like this, that is a whole different level of shock factor to parents today. Another funny thing is that the kids thought that Jimmy was using profanity when he said the word ironic. Things like the word damn become swear words because they are used inappropriately. In my dictionary, the only formal definitions of that word means to condemn something or someone, but there is mention of cursing somebody or showing frustration or anger or even surprise, all three of which my elders and church would deem as profanity. The word ironic here, however, is used appropriately and, as far as I know, I never heard it used inappropriately. I guess this was done to show even more that Jimmy has not lost his intellect, since the show does focus around him. It was nice that something other than a crime happened, in order to give the viewer some sort of break, even though there have only been three cases involving a dead body so far and the kids' morbid thoughts and lack of knowledge about words bring about a few laughs.


Although I did enjoy this, there were some issues. However, I cannot really think of anything, since the only thing that came to mind was a just a minor issue, when comparing this with its manga counterpart. Because of this, I will say that there is nothing worth mentioning.

Despite the fact that this was not another murder case, it was quite enjoyable and definitely worth watching, if you are tired of murder mysteries. I recommend this to fans of the Detective Conan (Case Closed) manga and anime. For fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction, I am not too sure if you would want to see this, as it is mostly obvious. For everyone else, this is another episode that would seem to be a good starting point.

What are your thoughts on Case Closed episode 4? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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