Anime Review: Case Closed Episode 61

April 19, 2013


After having dealt with a few things, like trying to see if I could speed things up a bit and creating a plugin, it is nice to be able to sit down and watch something. So far, it looks like I am close to halfway through the 123 (130, according to FUNimation's count) episodes of Detective Conan (Case Closed) that FUNimation dubbed and released via their five season sets. Today, I will be reviewing Case Closed episode 61 (Detective Conan episode 59).

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


There is an event happening where children are given awards for shopping, and Jimmy, Richard, Rachel, and the Junior Detective League are all involved.

However, what everyone thinks will be a peaceful day turns into a case that involves accidents happening around one of the participants. Jimmy suspects that somebody wants to kill the child, and it is up to him and the Junior Detective League to make sure the person does not succeed.


I am not sure about this one. I did like that this was not a murder case for once. In this series, every case is either a kidnapping or murder case. After a while, it does kind of get dull, so the tricks behind the murder cases tend to be the most interesting. In this case, however, the main cast is dealing with a case of attempted. Not much really seemed that obvious, not even the culprit. While it is nice to have culprits that are not very obvious in whodunits, the fact that the culprit is not really obvious and there are not really any other suspects does seem to make this case a bit more interesting. I also liked how Jimmy noticed that somebody was trying to kill a kid after only two accidents happened in the child's vicinity. I would probably become suspicious too, if that happened in real life. However, I usually would not label things as too coincidental until it has happened thrice. Of course, those that do anything to a child are considered worst than murderers and rapists. I also liked how Jimmy noticed the differences in the recording George and Mitch made, though that is probably the most obvious of the entire case. Cameras really are useful in solving problems. I guess that is why a camera is good for documenting things, since we may not notice anything odd until we look at the footage or photo. There were some funny parts too, but nothing really stood out. The fact that the culprit is not obvious when this case is not a whodunit and that it was not really a murder case, as well as the fact that Jimmy noticed something strange after only two occurrences, certainly does make the episode somewhat decent.


Although the episode was decent, there are certainly some issues. First, the case was just barely interesting. Yes, I too felt like I wanted to know who would go after a kid, but had the culprit not been so mysterious, I would have hated this episode about as much as episode 6. After all, the motive was kind of obvious because we see the target enter an abandoned building, which was apparently the scene of an actual murder earlier in the episode. While this is better than much of the filler, which this episode is, according to Detective Conan World, which has cropped up, I do not really think that fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction would want something that is only interesting due to one aspect. On the other hand, I will admit that things can definitely change just because of one thing. Because of that fact, I am willing to label this as an annoyance. Another thing that I did not like was that the kid being targeted went into a store and asked for thank you cards and the worker showed him cards, calling them congratulatory cards. When I looked up congratulatory, there was no mention of the words thank you being synonymous with congratulatory. As a company that professionally dubs anime, I would expect FUNimation to have somebody on staff that knows this stuff. Congratulate means to give somebody praise for an achievement or one's good wishes toward something special or pleasant that has happened, such as getting married. It has nothing to do with gratitude, which one would expect to come from the person talking to the congratulator. In the Japanese version, which I had to look up fansubs for, since I am uncertain if I can trust FUNimation's Japanese track here, though it may be much more trustworthy here than with episodes that I noticed something wrong in the footage, the kid is looking for a shuugi bag, which supposedly has something to do with shogi. I guess that there might not be an equivalent to regular chess, but I cannot say for sure because I prefer checkers to chess. Outside of those things, nothing else really comes to mind. While the fact that only one thing made the case interesting could be considered an annoyance, the fact that FUNimation called a thank you card a congratulatory card does some damage to the episode.

Despite the fact that FUNimation's dub called a thank you card a congratulatory card, the fact that the culprit was not obvious made this somewhat worth watching. I would recommend this to fans of Detective Conan (Case Closed), unless they hate the Junior Detective League. As for fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction, I will hesitantly recommend this, because the only thing that seems interesting is that the culprit is not obvious when this is not even a whodunit. As for everyone else, this may be a good introduction to the series, as well as the detective, mystery, and crime fiction genres in general.

What are your thoughts on Case Closed episode 61? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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