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April 17, 2013

In a few posts, I have talked about plugins for Habari that I liked and/or found useful. Recently, with the help of the Habari devs, I have tried my hand at making a plugin of my own. Today, I will be talking about the plugin, which I called Tag Title.

Having used Habari for such a long time, I noticed, and I believe I mentioned a few times, that there are feeds for the latest posts of any topic and there is also a feed for each tag. According to the Habari User Manual, this is the case for every blog powered by Habari.

However, there is a problem. Even though one can subscribe to the topics they want to see, all the feeds are named after the blog and have the blog's tagline be the description, or the subtitle in the Atom standard. Due to this fact, users might think that they subscribed to the get the latest post on the blog, instead of the latest post on their desired topic.

To remedy this, I thought that I would create a plugin to somewhat fix this issue. The plugin retrieves the name of a collection and appends it to the name of the blog, as well as adds a description to let people know what the feed is supposed to contain.


In order to give guys a demonstration, let us take a look at how the plugin works on this blog. Let us say that I want to subscribe to the original feed for my posts dealing with Detective Conan (Case Closed). When running Habari out-of-the-box, the effects would look pretty much like the image above. Since the plugin is currently running, I had to use the main feed, but at the time I wrote this, the post seen actually was the latest on the blog. The idea should be obvious though. It seems like I am subscribing, as I said earlier, to the latest post available to the blog. I wanted to subscribe to the Detective Conan (Case Closed). Feeds are confusing when they all have the same name.


On the other hand, with the plugin running, things look quite different. When I take a look at the same feed, I see the tag right in the feed's title, along with a different description that tells me that in features posts that were tagged as detective conan, similar to the image above. As a result, I know exactly what I am subscribing to, instead of being confused because all feeds have the same title and description. By changing the feed title and description, everything concerning what one is subscribing to via feed aggregator becomes clearer.


As nice as this plugin is, there is a problem. The main problem is that the plugin only affects feeds for tags. If I were to try subscribing to the comments of the post shown in the images, it would look similar to the image above, which shows a post that does have comments.

Fortunately, it does say what posts those comments were from, so I would not really concern myself with it. After all, the purpose of the plugin was to deal with feeds for the tags on Habari.

To sum everything up, the Tag Title plugin was made to make it easier for people to know that they are subscribing to the content they want by adding the tag name to the title of that tag's feed, as well as a description that states that states what the feed is supposed to contain. While it does work quite well, it will not rename feeds other than those meant for tags, which was the original purpose of the plugin.

What do you think of my Tag Title plugin? Are there things that should be improved? Feel free to comment.

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