Anime Review: Case Closed Episodes 106 & 107

November 11, 2013


Because I was approaching the final episodes of Detective Conan (Case Closed) that have been dubbed by FUNimation, I was considering not covering FUNimation's fifth season until 2014. However, since some I want to get to a case that is somewhat important quicker, I have decided to put my break on hold and cover the first 7 of 24 (25, according to FUNimation's count) remaining episodes of FUNimation's dub. Today, I will be reviewing Case Closed episodes 106 & 107 (Detective Conan episodes 100 & 101).

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


While cleaning Jimmy's house, Jimmy, Rachel, and Serena meet a face that Jimmy recognizes from his past, who Serena and Rachel thinks is Jimmy's first love.

This person has come to invite Jimmy to a party, not knowing that something happened to Jimmy, but decides to let the trio and Richard to take the place of the supposedly missing Jimmy.

However, some time after the festivities moves from the rented villa, the partiers notice that the villa they were staying in had caught fire, remembering that the guest of honor was sleeping there.

Now, not only must the person inside be rescued, but Jimmy and the gang must also figure out how the fire started and whether it was arson or an accident.


I kind of liked this case. The case was setup pretty well and with only one exception, that I know of, not very much was obvious. I liked how this did not turn into yet another murder case to solve. As nice as murder cases are, things tend to become quite dull when a series is nothing but murder cases. If I had to take a guess, that is probably one of the reasons that people try to locate other series in the detective, mystery, or crime fiction genre, like Mr. A, of Deremoe, who stated in a post from 2011 that he grew tired of the series and liked Q.E.D. and C.M.B. better. I also kind of liked the trick. While it is somewhat similar to the trick behind the blackout in episode 23 (Japanese count), it is different in that the items used were things that one expects to be in room. The culprit seemed to be smart in not trying to pull off some complex trick, though not smart enough to pull off the perfect crime, just like any other criminal. Another nice thing is that the case was fairly faithful to its manga counterpart. Everything I saw in the two episodes, except for the scene with Dr. Agasa, also happened in the manga, where this is the last case before Haibara makes her debut and the poison that shrunk her and Jimmy is revealed to be APTX 4869. There were also some funny parts, though the funniest has to do with first love. First, Rachel wonders who Jimmy's first love is, knowing that she and Serena probably do not know everyone who Jimmy met in his life, especially Toichi Kuroba, the first Kaitou KID and father of Kaito Kuroba, who is the current Kaitou KID, though Rachel was with him when Jimmy met the original KID back in elementary school, according to a case that will not come to the US until 2015, going by the release dates of recent manga volumes and information from Detective Conan World, unless Viz Media decides to publish more than 4 four volumes a year. Serena then responds saying that it has to obviously be Rachel and asks if Rachel remembers telling her that she is in love with Jimmy. What makes it funny is Rachel's reaction to the question. True, it is not like the followers of Detective Conan did not know that, considering that Serena does bring it up a lot. However, I find the conversation funnier in the manga, because Serena states Rachel fell in love with Jimmy because they have been together since childhood. While I cannot say that it is not possible, I also cannot say that it is the reason, because Rachel only seems to get suspicions of such feelings in herself during the trip to New York, which is featured in volumes 34 and 35 of the manga. The funniest scene though was at the end. After the case has been resolved, the person the trio met tells that Jimmy told her he was in love with somebody else, after revealing that the rumors were false, describing her as strong, stubborn, and a weirdo. Rachel then says, after Serena connects the word weirdo to Rachel, that she is not weird. Looking at the manga version, I think I get more of a laugh from the anime version of this case, which can only be a plus in my book. The thing that I liked the most though was what Jimmy told the culprit. When the culprit was revealed, Jimmy chastised him for starting a fire to make him look good for the woman he liked, not realizing that what he did is considered attempted murder, and that he should have improved himself as a person. The victim then adds to those words by saying that people should not force others to love or care about them because it causes trouble. These are things that almost everyone should learn, but, unfortunately, there are people in our society that are just as foolish as the culprit is here. Of course, I cannot really think of how he could make himself better, because I have different views than my elders of what makes a good person and what causes apathy. All I can say is that people who do things like the culprit here did are considered jerks. Outside of that, I cannot really think of anything else that I liked in particular. The fact that this was not a murder case and that the culprit was chasitised for his stupidity, as well as the fact that there were things to laugh about, made this a decent case.


Although I did like the case, there are certainly some issues. First, the culprit was obvious. This case was supposed to be like the regular whodunit, so the culprit is part of the mystery that should be present. In fact, I could tell because of something the culprit said when they reached the burning villa. Considering the culprit is obvious for the same reason manga, and the case is fairly faithful to the manga, I have to blame Gosho Aoyama for this issue. However, since Jimmy did point that out during his deduction, I cannot be too annoyed with the culprit being obvious, especially since Q.E.D. and C.M.B. tend to ruin the surprise of the culprit because we see people doing things on the manga panels that both Shinra and Sou Touma deduce in their respective series and that there are other works, and even other Detective Conan cases, where things are far worse. The other thing that annoyed me was that issues from the fourth season set cropped up again in these episodes. Now, unlike my experiences with the fourth season, it is not as bothersome, but unlike how Seven Seas Entertainment had been omitting a Table of Contents from the Railgun volumes since volume 4, which did not bother me because I started collecting that series at volume 7, it bothers me because I have been collecting the US Detective Conan DVD releases for quite some time. Maybe I can overlook these issues when FUNimation decides to release its season 7, which would mean that Haibara would no longer be exclusive to the manga and movies in the US, but for now, I still do not like how they have been breaking from tradition. While the obvious culprit did somewhat hurt my enjoyment, the fact that annoyances from the fourth season set appear once again hurts the quality the most.

Despite issues like an obvious culprit and those that first appeared in the fourth season set, the good outweighed it enough that it can kill some time. I recommend this to fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction, as well as fans of Detective Conan (Case Closed). As for everyone else, I think it would serve as a good introduction to the series, as well as the detective, mystery, and crime fiction genres in general.

What are your thoughts on Case Closed episodes 106 & 107? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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