Anime Review: FMAB: Yet Another Man's Battlefield

June 24, 2012


The weekend is almost over, but that does not mean that I have not been doing anything, as you guys should have noticed. With three OVAs out of the way, only one remains. Today, I will be reviewing that OVA, which is called FMAB: Yet Another Man's Battlefield.


In this OVA, Hughes and Mustang are going through military training at the time that Ishval had already been claimed part of Amestris. Everything has been going well for them, until Mustang witnesses the ill treatment of an Ishvalan that was attending the same academy. Years later, the Ishvalan war starts, but Mustang is having doubts about it truly being for the best.


I enjoyed this OVA. Mustang was shown to be a caring individual, willing to protect others, just like what we see in flashback of FMAB. The rivalry between Mustang and Hughes was a very interesting one, since we do not really get to see Hughes in action much, until his death. We only really saw him active, until this OVA, in the train incident of the original FMA anime, as I said earlier, his time of death. It was also nice how the racial tension towards the Ishvalans were portrayed. It is kind of like our society these days that some US citizens are still racist against African Americans. There would be no other reason why groups like KKK, Neo Nazis, and the Aryan Brotherhood still exist. No, the disapproval of Obama is not entirely racially motivated. Most people I know do not like him because of the actions he has so far taken and the fact that he does not seem to take responsibility for anything. It was also nice to see Hughes stand up to the bullies go after the Ishvalan, which, along with what he told them, showed that he was not racist against Ishvalans. It was also nice that this OVA did not seem pointless like the previous two were. Mustang, Hughes, and Armstrong all said that the Ishval war was a massacre they did not believe in. That point seemed to draw a bit more sympathy towards Mustang, seeing as somebody he thought was a friend was killed in front of him. Hughes killed the Ishvalan to save Mustang, but it seems that the death of that Ishvalan really hit Mustang hard, as would the numerous other lives that he would take. However, while the Ishval war deeply affected Mustang, it was nice that Hughes proclaimed that he would not let it dampen his mood, which is probably why he seems so happy in FMA. We may not like it, but in order to progress further in ourselves, we must sacrifice something, even if it is our own innocence. The OVA did give us some good insight into how Mustang and Hughes met each other and how they each handled the Ishvalan war differently. It even had similarities to the racial tensions that exist in our world.


While it did not seem pointless, there were certainly things wrong. The only thing that comes to my mind though is the lack of humor. However, that is just a minor issue with this OVA, as revelance to the FMA franchise makes up for it. Because of this, I can say that there really is not anything that is worth mentioning.

Despite the lack of humor, the revelance to FMA made it quite enjoyable. I would recommend this to fans of FMA. For everyone else, this may not be that enjoyable.

What are your thoughts on FMAB: Yet Another Man's Battlefield? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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