Anime Review: FMAB: Simple People

June 23, 2012


Now that I got two of the FMAB OVAs out of the way, I am left with the final two OVAs of the collection. Today, I will be reviewing another OVA, which is called FMAB: Simple People.


In this OVA, Ed has forgotten to properly maintain his automail, so he has to pay Winry a visit. However, before heading out, Ed and Al buy Winry some new earrings, so she would not be too mad about breaking her automail. Later, Ed and Al asked Winry why she pierced her ears. Meanwhile, a fellow soldier asks Hawkeye why she grew her hair out.


I am not too sure about this one. There is humor, unlike the OVA I previously reviewed, which is nice. I also liked how Winry was shown to be kind of stupid. Another nice thing was that it showed how we can influence others. How this was portrayed is kind of a spoiler though, so I am not going to say exactly what it is. However, that is certainly the case. We see something other people do and try to incorporate that into our image, even though that may not be who we really are individually. A person may start consuming alcohol or using other drugs because their friends are doing it themselves. People have also pursued the Mormon church, officially known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, because of some sort of glow. I doubt I influenced anyone like that though, since most people are more familiar with my writing than what religion I belong to. All I can say is that some guy did ask to pray with me one time when I was young though. It was nice to see that even Winry made mistakes, outside of automail. The OVA also showed how we can influence people.


Although it was a bit funny, I cannot really say that I enjoyed this OVA. There was not anything wrong with it per se. On the other hand, it just seemed really pointless. I know that I certainly do not care why a girl pierces her ears. After all, many girls do get their ears pierced as teenagers. I do take notice of something different about a person's appearance though. After all, not taking note would probably show even less concern about a person than doubting them. I can say the same thing about Hawkeye being asked about why she grew her hair out. Outside of that, I cannot really think of anything else that is bad.

Despite it being funny at times and showing more about how we, as human beings, are like, I do not really think that this is a good OVA. Unless interested in those questions brought up in this OVA, I cannot really recommend this to FMA fans because of how pointless I think it is. I do not think I can recommend it to anyone else either, since FMA fans may be the only ones that would watch it anyway.

What are your thoughts on FMAB: Simple People? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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