Anime Review: Inuyasha: The Final Act Episode 19

February 9, 2013


Looks like there was another outage recently. However, I was able to get things up and running quickly. That means there is no delay for the latest episode of my season pass. Today, I will be reviewing Inuyasha: The Final Act episode 19.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


Sesshomaru is still searching for Magatsuhi and Kohaku has yet to awaken. However, when Sesshomaru does find Magatsuhi's scent, however, he does not realize that he had been deceived and Magatsuhi takes control of Kohaku's body.


Even though episode 16 ruined things, I liked this episode. I liked how Byakuya acted as a decoy against Sesshomaru. Since he is mainly an observer, the position of a decoy really does suit him. After all, it does give me the chance to see how strong his new sword is in battle. Of course, Byakuya, like any other villain, seemed to underestimate Sesshomaru's new sword. I hope you all remember that I have been saying that assumptions are bad, right? Like everybody else in our society, we are not so willing to change the information concerning what we already know. Unfortunately, not recognizing the changes that have taken place will ultimately lead to one's own downfall. I was also shocked by what had happened to Miroku. After the events of episode 12, Miroku is unable to feel the miasma spread, but he still uses his wind tunnel and tries attacking Magatsuhi. From his usage, he had taken a lot of damage and started bleeding. I guess that lecture about anything in excess is bad is true, even for this show. I do wonder though exactly what Magatsuhi meant when he talked about the poison of evil spirits being harmful to humans. After all, I do not think there are a lot of possession cases where the vessel immediately begins to bleed. Then again, I have no experience with exorcisms, nor do I think I can find a reliable source concerning such. After all, our society thinks that apparitions and such are fake, when not one person has figured out everything there is about space. The act and humor that fans expect is still present. Although episode 16 did ruin things, this episode makes thing a bit more hopeful.


Although this episode has shown improvement, there are certainly some issues. First, it seems like everyone has forgotten that Magatsuhi is the dark half of the Shikon Jewel. Midoriko was able to cause Koga's shards to act up and she was not even physically part of the world. Do they not realize the obvious fact that Magatsuhi can do the same thing? In fact, I was not surprised that he could sustain himself with the presence of a defiled shard. Being fighters, I thought that they would have thoughts of this, especially since they knew Magatsuhi came from the jewel. I did have something else to complain about, but considering that I could not determine whether or not Naraku was watching, I have to let it go. While not as bad as other episodes, the fact that Inuyasha's group seems to overlook the obvious does not make it seem like things have improved too much.

Considering that the only bad that I could think of was that Inuyasha's group overlooked the obvious, I would have to say that the show might not be a waste of time anymore. I recommend this to only current fans of Inuyasha.

What are your thoughts on Inuyasha: The Final Act episode 19? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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