Anime Review: Rewrite Episode 4

Shizuru & family

I hope that everyone is doing well and having a relaxing weekend.

Things have been a bit stressful again for me, but I was able to get a few things done that I wanted and/or needed to do, and I can finally sit down and watch something that I can enjoy.

Today, I will be reviewing the latest episodes of one of the shows I decided to follow this season, which is called Rewrite.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

Kotaru meeting with old man & Shizuru

Kotaru has come into contact with somebody who has knowledge of various creatures that are believed to not really exist and he tries to get the occult club members to meet this person and find out about the creatures Kotaru.

However, when things fall through and one of the club members are not present, he goes looking around and finds out that one of the club members had a much darker childhood than others and she seems to also have seen the same kind of creatures that he has.

Kotaru under tree

I kind of liked this episode.

While the humor was still quite not as sophisticated as some people may have wanted, or as heavily present as the previous episodes, it still got a chuckle out of me.

The funniest was when Kotaru encountered thugs who turned out to be younger than him, despite appearing to be either grown adults or somewhere in their late teens.

He practically did nothing but glare at them and they cowered in fear, even though they were already trying to help him out.

Yes, I did kind of complain about this kind of thing happening in Yona of the Dawn, where people just stood there frozen because of Yona’s glare, but this seemed to be way more believable because Kotaro and the thugs were more on equal foot, and it has already been shown that Kotaro can modify his body to have whatever ability he needed. Kotaru did not have any weapons that could be easily dealt with, like a bow and arrow, or anything of that nature.

This is what I expect from an adaptation of a work from Key, and 8bit really seems to be delivering just as well as Kyoto Animation did with the Clannad, though I do not remember seeing Kotomi doing things like recommending religious books, such as the bible or Qur’an, to Tomoya like she did in the visual novel.

After all, things cannot remain funny if there is only one thing that receives the focus of humor, much like how Detective Conan‘s humor has grown stale because Gosho does the same thing over and over, with only a few exceptions.

Because of this fact, I think that 8bit deserves some major kudos, even if there might be some that think that 8bit cannot hold a candle to what Kyoto Animation can do.

I also liked how the past of one of the occult club member was explored, and even revealed to have a special ability like Kotaru did for much of the series so far.

While I have not read through all of Key’s visual novels, the two that have gone through left a huge impact on me because the pasts of characters like Kotomi Ichinose and Hoshino Yumemi really explained why the characters acted the way they did and the revelations of said pasts helped to make things feels sad, and seeing it being done here means that 8bit might be trying to add in that bit of angle too, though I am not too sure if there are any routes in Rewrite‘s visual novel that delivers as much or more feels than that found in Planetarian, Kotomi’s route in Clannad, or the moment in the After Story route of Clannad where Tomoya realized that he and his father experienced similar hardships in their lives.

Hopefully, 8bit can deliver the goods, since it would be disappointing to be able to learn about each character’s past and not feel anything.

The thing that I liked the most though was that the kinds of creatures that showed up in the pilot episode and previous episode were starting to be explored a bit.

Even though it may not be directly tied to the mysterious girl with white hair, who has showed in every episode so far, it might lead into getting more information on whoever was pursuing her in the last episode, and even reveal more about the mysterious girl in return, just like how it was revealed in Pandora Hearts that the Intention of the Abyss was also named Alice and that the Abyss became the way it was because of Levi wanting to do an experiment.

Of course, I doubt that there is going to be any revelations in this series that will be as shocking as the truth revealed in Pandora Hearts, so it will be interesting to see what kind of direction this goes, especially because the one who wrote Rewrite was not the same person who wrote many of Key’s well known works, such as Clannad.

8bit still seems to be handling this series fairly well and being able to tie things back to the original mystery that cropped up in this series makes want to give them quite a bit of applause.

Because there were things to laugh about, other than having moments where characters are practically beaten to a bloody pulp, and that one character’s past is explored a bit, as well as the fact that 8bit did not forget about the overall mystery, this episode was pretty decent.

Annoyed man

Although I liked the episode, there are some issues.

Fortunately, there was only one thing that really bugged me.

The character whose past was explored was rather dull.

Seeing as this is a work from Key, I was expecting the past of the character that received focus this episode to be very emotional, but it does not really feel like that.

In fact, it was just as unsatisfying to me as Tomoyo Sakagami’s route in the Clannad visual novel, and Tomoyo is one character I do not really understand why people like, since she was practically perfect, and Tomita was only preventing her from reaching her goals.

Likewise, there does not seem to be much wrong in Shizuru’s life, aside from the fact that she has been forgotten by her family and nothing seems to have been done.

True, Rewrite is not a tragedy like Narcissu was, but this was still a letdown, because there does not seem to be anything that is occurring in Shizuru’s life that would allow her and Kotaro to have a deep relationship.

Maybe, things will get expanded out in future episodes, but because this show is only going to have 13 episodes, I do not really see that happening, since this will likely have the same kind of problems that led Toei’s adaptation of Kanon to become not as widely known as Kyoto Animation’s adaptation.

For now, I just hope that when the mysterious girl really takes the stage that her story gets fleshed out and reveals why she keeps approaching Kotaru, otherwise there would be no point in seeing her as much as we, the audience have.

Still, 8bit has been shown to be a competent anime studio in the last few episodes and they have plenty of time to improve things in next two thirds of this series, so I will just mark this as a minor annoyance, since I am not too sure how many episodes each girl will and 9, the number of episodes remaining, modulo 6 does not equal 0 and Rewrite‘s common route seems to include recruiting of the four other girls, though I could be wrong about this.

While there was only one thing that bugged me, the fact that I do not know if it will move on to another girl or not after this, or how important the things that did occur in this episode were, makes it difficult to determine how much it hurt the episode or series, though I will say it did hurt my enjoyment a bit.

Considering that the only thing wrong did not hurt the episode too much, at least for now, this episode was good enough to kill time, but was not groundbreaking.

I recommend this to fans of the Rewrite anime and Key’s other works.

As for everyone else, this might be worth giving a try, but since this series is its second third of episodes, it might be best to start with the other episodes first.

What are your thoughts on Rewrite episode 4? Did you like it or hate it? Was there something that you liked or hated that went unmentioned? Feel free to comment.

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