Book Review: Cage of Eden Volume 10

May 24, 2013


As I said in my review of Bloody Monday Volume 10, I recently got four books from Barnes & Noble. So far, I have covered one of them and three remain. Today, I will be reviewing another one of those books, which is called Cage of Eden Volume 10 by Yoshinobu Yamada.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

After Akira's group deals with the gigantopithecus, they continue on their trek to find Eiken, despite the fact that they lost one of their own.

However, when they reach the place that Eiken and group decided to check out, Eiken is nowhere to be found and the belongings of the members of Eiken's group remains.

I kind of liked this volume. Instead of continuing along the pathway to get out of the gigantopithecus' domain, they all decided to go back, despite the fact that Mariya reminded them that it would be dangerous. This shows that Akira has some pretty loyal companions. Then again, they have been through a lot together, such as somebody wanting Mami's premonitions to be true and hallunications, so I have no doubt that they all want to stick together. I also liked how Akira forgave Hikime for attacking him while rescuing Ohmori, whom I did note was important because of the knowledge of first aid that she should have as flight attendant in the previous volume. Aside from people doing things to us, we also have a hard time forgiving who have wronged us personally. While there are instances where people do intentionally commit wrong us, however, these same feelings are what fuels many to end another person's life, which leads to society to label them murderers. After all, we all suffer from bouts of greed, whether it is wrath, pride, lust, envy, or any one of the other deadly sins. In a situation where survival is necessary, however, we cannot really afford to act on our greed because it will likely affect the entire group, or even cost the life of a valuable member. Of course, like the case with this series, even though I have read all the chapters, one cannot really tell why each member is important. Because of this, I think that Akira is still definitely much better than most people in our society. What caught my eye though was that when Akira noticed a sketchbook that had been shown in the arms of the real Miina Isurugi, who made her debut in this volume, he calls over Miina. Obviously, since the original members of Akira's group found out that their Miina was a boy and posing as her ever since he first joined the group back in volume 4, he would have to know some things about the real Miina, but since it has been awhile since I read the early chapters, I do not really remember their Miina making any comments about the sketchbook. The fact that Akira's group is pretty loyal and that Akira forgave Hikime, as well as the fact that I am wondering what Akira's Miina knows about the sketchbook, certainly made this interesting.

Although I did like the volume, there are certainly some issues. However, since nothing really cones to my mind, I will have to say that there is nothing worth mentioning.

Considering that nothing bad came to my mind, this was definitely worth reading. I recommend this to fans of survival series. As for everyone else, though the series is not necessarily friendly to newcomers to manga, I think this is worth giving a shot.

What are your thoughts on Cage of Eden Volume 10? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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