Book Review: Case Closed Volume 46

May 25, 2013


As I mentioned before, I have recently received four books from Barnes & Noble. So far, I have covered half of the titles, leavingonly two remaining. Today, I will be reviewing another one of those titles, which is called Case Closed Volume 46 by Gosho Aoyama.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

After revealing the person responsible for the murders committed, things seem to be quite peaceful.

However, when Detective Yamamura places a call from from his phone, Jimmy recognizes the sounds of the dialing as the same that came from Vermouth punching numbers on her phone.

Now, Jimmy is determined to find out the number of the one Vermouth called boss and his only key may lie with one of the suspects in a new case.

Later, Jimmy and the Junior Detective League are out camping, when the kids stumble upon a stone and corpse.

Now, in order to figure out what happened, they must hunt down a treasure that even KID may have his sights set on getting.

Finally, Richard receives a new case and the client asks for others to join him.

However, before leaving, Rachel notices that a message that she sent to Jimmy may have been received by the cell phone belonging to the same boy she calls Conan.

Now, Jimmy has to not only deal with Richard's case, but also Rachel's renewed suspicions of Jimmy and Conan Edogawa.

I really enjoyed this volume. Seeing as the next Black Org case will be starting soon, according to Detective Conan World, I could see how everything was being setup for it. As a result, pretty much every case contained held my attention. I especially liked how there seemed to be a timeline along which these cases place, since each case seemed to refer back to information gained from the last case, as well as the fact that there were flashbacks to the confrontation with Vermouth. The first case, which was a continuation from the previous volume, was kind of interesting. I liked how Jimmy used his artificial soccer ball as a decoy. As most who follow the series knows, pretty much every culprit Jimmy encounters gets hit by something that Jimmy kicks, incapacitating them. However, since the culprit had a gun, it was not really going to be as easy as other criminals. Due to this fact, I do not really see how Jimmy could have taken care of him unless he used more than his shoes, though it was funny that he actually stated that his shoes were not normal. The thing that caught my interest though was the fact that the Jimmy recognized the tune of the numbers that Detective Yamamura punched into his phone from the incident with Vermouth back in volume 42. I seriously thought that Yamamura was a member of Black Org at that point. On the other hand, he seems to be too much of an idiot to make a good agent for Black Org. As for the Stradivarius case, that was a bit more interesting. Like Jimmy, I too was misled by the pattern. With how things were presented, I thought that the next person killed would have been the next letter in the alphabet. Of course, I think this had to do with the fact that I do not know as much about music as I do about computers. The thing that was pretty funny though was that after the culprit is revealed, Jimmy learns the name of the tune and he seems to become scared because it was supposedly a nursery rhyme. It is funny because people my age, and even teenagers, normally would not be afraid of things meant for kids, but Jimmy seems to express fear. Then again, I do not think fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction would be too surprised about a nursery rhyme having some importance. After all, many of Agatha Christie's works seem to make use of nursery rhymes, which means that the idea is not new to the realm of detective or crime fiction. As for the case involving KID, it was kind of interesting, but not the same as a regular KID case. I did like how KID actually helped out Jimmy and the Junior Detective League, who meet him for the very first time in this volume, since none of the movies are canon. As a master thief, I would not doubt that he would figure out many of the tricks and traps set up in a place, especially since he was also present during the Bell Tell Express case, which is the latest Black Org case right now, though there may be one coming, with Bourbon making some moves fairly recently. As for the final case, I cannot say anything because it does not look like it is over yet. However, it was quite nice to have another moment where Rachel suspects that Jimmy and Conan are connected. The last time I remember she had her suspicions was the Desperate Revival arc, which occurs in volumes 25-26, where Rachel seems to know that her blood type is the same as Conan's, which Jimmy confirms by his thoughts, while laying in a gurney. Unlike the Desperate Revival arc, however, this case probably would have been dull if Rachel was not suspicious about why Conan's phone went off at about the same time she sent a message. The fact that there seems to be a timeline with these cases and that Jimmy gets a clue to finding the leader of Black Org, as well as the fact that Rachel becomes suspicious again and KID makes an appearance, made this volume exciting.

Although I liked the volume, there are certainly some issues. However, there is only one thing that seems to come to my mind. The cell phone case was mostly dull. All that happened what that Richard's went about looking for cell and eventually found it by using methods that did not even require a private investigator on the scene. The only things that made it interesting were that Rachel was suspicious of the connection between Jimmy and Conan, which I stated earlier, and the fact that Richard's client was reported to be involved in some kind of accident after the cell was found. At the same time, considering that this case does not seem to be over, I cannot really say that this was in fact a dull case. I can say, however, that if the start could not be interesting with Rachel's suspicions, I do not think many of the fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction would want to continue on through the case. If the whole is not present, I at least expect the beginning to grab my attention. Then again, there was a fairly recent case in the series that did not become interesting until something strange happened, so I guess that I might as well see this through to the end, especially since the next release by Viz Media might bring up more things related to Black Org, as the next Black Org case does start two volumes from now. I just hope that I am not disappointed by the wait, like I was when FUNimation finally released anime episode 96 (Japanese count). While I was disappointed by the start of the final case in this volume, it does little, if any, damage to the release overall.

Considering that Jimmy gets a clue concerning the leader of Black Org, this was definitely worth reading. I recommend this to fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction because most of the cases presented were pretty interesting. As for fans of Detective Conan (Case Closed), I recommend this because of the fact that it literally feels like the next Black Org is at hand and it was nice seeing KID again. As for everyone else, this seems like a good introduction to the series, even though not all of the cases are presented in full, as well as a good introduction to the detective, mystery, and crime fiction genres.

What are your thoughts on Case Closed Volume 46? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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