Book Review: Cage of Eden Volume 5

June 4, 2012


So far so good, I have made a few posts before the month has wasted away. Anyway, as I said in an earlier post, I got some books from Barnes & Noble. I have reviewed two of them up to this point. Today, I will be reviewing the last of those books, which is called Cage of Eden Volume 5 by Yoshinobu Yamada.

As I gave a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

In this volume, Akira meets up with Arita, Akira's friend, because Akira was trying to save Ohmori from being killed. Akira then finds out that his friend has become a murderer. Later, When Akira gets out of the cave, with the help of Yarai and Arita's sacrifice, Akira and company set out to make a country, as Yarai suggested, and come cross another group that had the same idea. However, things are not as they seem within this new group.

I liked this volume. There was a lot of scenes where Akira showed what a good person is like. For example, even though Arita tried to kill a member of his group, Akira still considered him a friend and tried to save him from falling to his death. I do not know a whole lot of people that would do that, as our world suffers from the universal sin of greed. If somebody tries to kill a friend, we would try to defend the friend, but we would not be so willing to save the life of the person who tried to kill the said friend. It was also nice that Akira took his other friends into consideration, when it to transporting Ohmori out of the cave. He trusted that Arita would not do anything to her, although the rest of Akia's group did not trust him. This goes back to our greed. If somebody did something wrong to a friend or ourselves, a person is definitely unlikely to want the assailant to help them, especially a murderer. However, in situation where survival is necessarily, we cannot choose where we get help from, only if we get help. However, my favorite part was the school incident. It showed that Akira could notice things very quickly and even said what schools really are in our world. Schools are a cage where a system of corrupt officials can shove useless propaganda down the throats of those that study within its systems. After all, if the US government could make the legal drinking age 21 nationwide by withholding funds from States, what stops them from doing the same to the educational system? Another point is if you give some college freshmen a dots board and tell them to draw a line through every dot without lifting the pen/pencil or going through the same dot more than once, how many will actually get the correct answer? I had to do that in generals and I will tell you that I did not accomplish such feat, since I was one of those that made a box instead. However, I remember the answer to that puzzle to this day. The book did not go that far, but it discussed how school is a cage. Akira showed a lot of selfless and how observant he could be, though not without some help.

Even though I like the book, there were problems, but everything I can think of is just a minor issue, such as no translation notes, which were not necessary in this volume anyway, and some other things. As such, I do not think there is anything worth mentioning.

With no issues that are worth mentioning, I can say that this was a pretty good release. I would recommend this series to fans of survival stories. As for everyone else, the series is worth a shot, but the translations are definitely not for newcomers to manga.

What is your opinion of Cage of Eden Volume 5? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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