Happy Birthday!

June 5, 2012

It is great that I did not skimp out on making blog posts this month, huh? Well, today is a special day for the blog. Normally, people do not celebrate this benchmark, instead opting for the much bigger numbers. However, this is still something to be enthusiastic about. Today, this blog is one year old, so let us take a look at what has happened so far.

Why are you so excited about the blog being a year old? Well, I have tried establishing this blog on various different platforms, due to my dissatisfaction with WordPress being a bit more difficult to configure than other web apps. I kept switching blog platforms, until I finally gave Habari a go. I was happy with S9Y, but as Google could not follow feeds from it, as Google kept getting a LAN IP address, I decided to find a different platform. After discovering Habari, I can safely say that it has definitely met my needs, as well as the needs of others that I cannot imagine using something else. It thanks to my satisfication with Habari that this attempt at blogging has lasted so long. The year old mark is significant here due to the fact I finally found a platform that satisfied me.

Celebrating a special day is pointless if nothing was ever accomplished. Because of that fact, we shall now get back to what has happened so far. First, the first book review was done in July 2011, though my original posting of the MediaWiki book review predates that. As of now, there are around thirty book reviews, give or take a few. Of those, only 13 are manga and only one is based on anime, which is not a manga. I probably could have had more, if mobile app development had not taken up so much time, but the quality of the book reviews seems to be good, according to a few visitors. It is definitely better to have a few good quality reviews than to have hundreds of review, right? Second, I could be wrong, but this blog seems to be the only blog that allows user to download posts archived as ebooks. I think that if there is a post that a reader likes, they should be able to download it. Yes, they can bookmark it and/or print it off, but this blog has had stability issues in the past, so bookmarks are not always going to work. With the ebook archives, the reliance on the server's stability is a non-issue, especially if one knows how to extract HTML files from EPUBs. It especially helps because my post on fixing AirPrint has been pretty popular in the past. Third, the server went from a free subdomain to a domain name. Sure, I lost a lot of traffic, especially since I deleted the subdomain without even thinking of having it redirect to the new domain. However, that subdomain was one of the issues of public accessibility. With the new domain name, which has been in use for a little over two months now, I only need to worry about server stability during the duration of the life of the domain name. Finally, I got this blog listed with Google Currents and Amazon (links can be found in the sidebar), in order to allow people to follow me easier and/or have another avenue to get content in the event the server goes down. The first year experienced some difficulties, but there are some measures in place, so you guys can get helpful post or my thoughts on different books.

With all of the good that has happened, there certainly were bad times. First, there was a lack of posting, such as May, which only had four posts, and October of last year, which only had two posts. The worst thing that a person can do with their blog is not post for a while and I definitely have a problem with that at times. Second, there were server stability issues in the latter part of last year. Unfortunately, that was a side effect of the solution to my AirPrint troubles. The other fact that gave issues in accessibility was the subdomain I was originally using for this blog kept getting deleted for reasons I am not going to disclose for security purposes. In order to fix it though, I had to recreate the entry. Luckily, this and the server stability have so far been fixed. Aside from those things though, I cannot really think of anything else, because only visitors like you discern those other bad points, such as decrease in quality or something else. Let us just hope that I can still provide some good posts for years to come. The main bad points were lack of posting and server stability, but others do exist.

The blog has gone through good times and bad times, just like a person. Good things include some good quality posts that helped many, easier offline access to favorite posts, and a newly obtained domain name. The bad times include infrequent posting and server stabilities. Neither of those things are limited to those items, but they are the ones that certainly come to my mind.

How good do you think my blog is up to this point? Do you think many of my posts have been good and/or helpful? Feel free to comment.

Finally, I would like to remind you all to share you favorite posts with friends and other acquaintances. The site certainly will not grow without you.

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