Book Review: Case Closed Volume 36

August 23, 2012


In a recent post, I said I received four books recently from Barnes & Noble. I have reviewed each one until only one remains. Today, I will be reviewing that book, which is called Case Closed Volume 36 by Gosho Aoyama.

As I gave a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

Jimmy and Harley are still in the middle of the investigation in the Okinawa area. Just when things are bad enough, another body appears with the same message that was found by the side of the last body. While Richard is busy drinking the night away, Jimmy and Harley must find the person behind the killings. However, the only way is to decipher mystery in the cottage and the message that greeted the group. Finally, Jimmy and the Junior Detective League go out to the victory parade for their favorite team, the Tokyo Spirits. However, the peaceful event is ruined when they find out from Detective Sato and the others receive a warning letter about a bomb that similar to those they received 3-7 years ago. So much so that Sato starts thinking about what happened three years ago. Now, Jimmy and the gang must not only capture the bomber, but also stop his bombs before numerous people die.

I enjoyed this volume. Although it had only two cases, I cannot really say that either one was not that interesting. The Okinawa case certainly was not totally obvious, which was nice. In fact, most of what was obvious was near the point where Harley and Jimmy pretty much knew everything and needed to confirm things. The trick involving the water was definitely something that I had not noticed until seeing the footprints that were made earlier, which was pretty late in the case. Of course, I had suspected somebody within the group did it. However, even the suspect was surprising. If anything was obvious prior close to the end, I cannot really say for sure, but I can definitely say that one would need to be familiar with Japanese myths and folktales to be able to notice a lot about the case. As for the bombing case, I found the things involving Takagi and Sato's sadness to be quite funny. I am not a heartless guy, but seeing Sato frantically search for a body in one of the bombings was hysterical. Of course, I do not blame her because Takagi was foolish enough to have a disguise similar in appearance to the person Sato watch die for the sake of finding the next bomb. It seemed kind of like foreshadowing of what was later to come. However, the funniest part was when Takagi talked with Sato after dealing with the post office robbery case. As I said in my review of volume 33, Sato pretty much has her own fan club and everyone and their dog was listening on what Takagi and Sato were saying. The funny thing about it was that Sato's fan club was all gathered behind Yumi, the traffic cop, and they gave her very little room. It was also nice seeing Haibara being able to decipher things without having Jimmy by her side. However, like I said in my review of volume 33, this is no surprise because Haibara was one of the first to discover that Jimmy shrank. I also liked how Takagi expressed his suspicions of Jimmy, who he calls Conan, just everyone else. It makes me think that Takagi is not that much of an idiot, though not much better than the rest of the police force, since like every other detective and crime fiction story, the police are not that bright, compared to the protagonist. However, Jimmy at least did a good job outright not answering Takagi, even though I think he would do a bit better of hiding the truth than Rachel. The case here was not very obvious, except for one area and everyone who knows their landmarks would be able to identify the next target, but everything else was not as obvious. The fact that none of the cases were either uninteresting, or very obvious without knowledge of Japanese folklore and myth, gives this volume a big positive.

Although I liked this volume, nothing man made is perfect. However, nothing comes to my mind, except for one thing. Usually, Gosho's message comes before Gosho's Mystery Library, which introduces other fictional detectives and criminals, but in this volume the Mystery Library comes first. It does not do much to affect the story but the quality of the release is affected a little bit because it is a consistency issue. On the hand other, this issue is not as bad as the consistency issues Kodansha has had for the longest time, so even for a consistency issue, this is definitely just a minor issue. Because of the fact that the Mystery Library comes earlier than expected is just a minor issue, I cannot really say it affects the quality of the release much, since the flow is not broken due to the consistency issue.

What are your thought on Case Closed Volume 36? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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