Book Review: Crooked House

December 5, 2011


It looks like Christmas season is coming. While out and about, I bought my mother a present, but I will not say, as she may be looking at this some time. To get it, I used up the last of a gift card I received last month to partially pay for it. On that same day, I purchased a print copy of the book I was currently reading. I was close to finishing it that day though. Today, I will be posting a review of that book, which is called Crooked House by Agatha Christie.

After returning from a war, a man named Charles wants to meet Sophia Leonides, a girl he had talked to before going off to war. His intentions are to ask her to marry him, but before he ever did ask for her hand on the day of their reunion, He finds out that her grandfather, Aristide Leonides, has died. Although he was old enough to die of old age, the family suspects murder. On a request by his father, who is the assistant commissioner of the police, and Chief-Inspector Taverner, Charles goes to the Leonides' home to get to know them and help the police find the one who had killed Aristide.

This is not the first work by Agatha Christie I have read, so I am somewhat familiar with her work. However, I did enjoy this nonetheless. Everyone certainly had somewhat of a motive for wanting him dead. The wife of one of the Aristide's sons wanted money to set up a play, which he had thought was horrible. The son himself was jealous of his brother being the one favored by his father. The other son and his wife wanted to leave the place because he had felt that he disgraced his father. The three grandchildren also had a motive, but one suffered infantile paralysis and had a negative outlook on many things. However, that was not what had brought me the interest. That belongs to the sequence of events. As that will spoil things, I will not discuss it though. The book certainly did give everyone a motive and had an interesting sequence of events.

I cannot think of a whole lot to say bad about the book. However, one thing that probably was not so great was the fact that I knew early on who was responsible for killing Aristide. The culprit made it obvious because they were too cocky when talking to Charles and was very nosy about the case. So, there was not really much mystery for me. I would say that And Then There Were None was much harder to predict. That is all that comes to mind of what I did not like. At the same time, it does not take down the work very much, if at all.

Despite the fact that the culprit was obvious to me, the book was still an interesting read. I would certainly recommend the book to fans of crime fiction and/or detective fiction. If you do not like either, just skip it.

What is your opinion of the book? Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to comment.

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